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Home Improvement NewsPalmetto Pledges $5 Million To Women’s Solar Training In AfricaPalmetto has announced a new ‘Get Solar, Give Solar’ program that aims to give underprivileged communities access to solar energy systems.
September 20, 2021

Solar Power WorldPalmetto pledges $5 million to women’s solar training in AfricaPalmetto has announced a new ‘Get Solar, Give Solar’ program focused on providing underserved communities with access to solar energy systems.
September 20, 2021

AIThorityPalmetto Announces SOC2 Type1 Certification CompletionAudited Management Practices Confirms Palmetto as a Recognized, Trusted Brand
September 19, 2021

Tech TimesPalmetto Launches New ‘Get Solar, Give Solar’ Program to Bring Solar Energy to Underserved CommunitiesSolar Sister Honored as First Recipient; Awarded $5 Million Multi-Year Commitment
September 16, 2021

CNETWhere can you buy solar panels?Partnering with local companies can be the best of both worlds. You can shop online for solar panels, inverters and more. Companies like Palmetto take care of everything in-house. That way, you have a resource available that walks you through each step, keeping you informed and comfortable along the way.
September 7, 2021

The Wall Street JournalOil Giants Turn to Startups for Low-Carbon Energy IdeasBP, Shell bolster their venture capital arms as they seek to reduce dependence on fossil fuels
August 14, 2021

Solar Power WorldPalmetto creates solar business incubator program for aspiring entrepreneursPalmetto announced the launch of the Build+ Program, a 12-month incubator-style initiative aimed at helping aspiring clean energy entrepreneurs launch their own solar installation businesses with Palmetto.
August 11, 2021

Solar Builder MagazinePalmetto wants to help launch your solar installation business (apply now)Palmetto is launching a 12-month incubator-style program to help aspiring clean energy entrepreneurs get their own solar installation businesses off the ground. This Build+ Program is open to solar and electrical professionals with a minimum of five years of solar installation experience.
August 11, 2021

PV MagazinePalmetto launches Instant Proposal serviceUsing data from Mapdwell, Palmetto can now generate and design a residential solar system proposal in a minute.
July 21, 2021