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Tiffany Menhorn

VP, Utility Solutions

Tiffany Menhorn

As VP of Utility Solutions at Palmetto, Tiffany helps utilities to re-think their use of distributed energy resources like solar into a strategic lever to achieve net zero emission targets, and become the trusted advisors for consumers in the electrification journey. Tiffany’s clients use Palmetto’s Energy Intelligence Platform to segment and target the market for solar potential, drive consumer adoption, and commercialize new business models around utility-sponsored third-party ownership for clean energy.

Fostering change is nothing new for Tiffany. Prior to Palmetto, she led business development for North America at LineVision, a grid-enhancing technology company using LiDAR to gain greater awareness for transmission and distribution assets. Tiffany also spent 5 years leading sales for the western United States at Enel X, where she changed how electric utilities procure commodities, allowing them to source gigawatts of thermal and renewable power with more efficiency and transparency.

Tiffany leverages a decade of leadership experience in wide-ranging areas, from coaching collegiate basketball, to the Fortune 100, to innovative startups. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA, and loves time with her dog, cycling, traveling, and speaking nationally on electrification and utility transformation.

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