Hi Srini,

Your home qualifies for subscription solar!

This is your home powered by Palmetto. The highlighted area indicates where the solar panels would be placed for optimal performance, we can edit this in later steps.

If you sign up this week, we believe we will be able to have the system installed by January 2023. You will save about $466 the first year after paying for the subscriptions, and your savings will grow each year, saving you about $2,472 in 5 years!

Our recommendation is to get one system as that maximizes your savings. It will be like paying $0.079/kWh for ~56% of your energy needs for the next 20 years!
How's it work?
We want to make it easy and good for you to go Solar. We factor all design, engineering, permitting, and installation costs into your fixed $60 monthly payment. Payments only begin once your system is active.
Fixed cost, forever
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The subscription is $70/month for one system, $130/month for two, or $200/month for 3 systems. There are no other costs. This price is fixed for as long as you have the system on your roof.
Three month trial
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You can cancel anytime in the first 3 months after your system is active without having to pay the cancelation fee.
First year savings assurance
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If we don't save you money in the first year, you can cancel.
Pause anytime
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You can pause the subscription at any point (like when you are not home for a long period or in January when there isn't that much sunlight).
Worry-free maintenance
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We will maintain production and servicing while it's on your roof, this is included in the price of your subscription.
Short contract term
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The minimum term is 2 years, if you cancel before that there is a $5000 removal fee. The maximum term is 20 years, you don't need to decide now how long to keep it.
The economics of solar for your home
Below is a comparison of different options for powering your home with Solar and the time to realize savings (Return on Investment). These calculations assume you subscribe to one solar subscription (6kW System). For most homes this is right, some homes can have support stacking subscriptions to increasing savings. We will make a recommendation. Average Price per Watt of solar in Texas = $3/W. Source: Energy Sage
Upfront cost Debt Min contract period Payback period Five year savings Monthly payments Maintenance cost
$0 $0 5 years Immediate $2,400+ $70 forever $0
$18,000 $0 None 13.2 years -$12,000 $0 $200 /year
$0 - $2000 $21,000 $20 years @ 2% ~17 years -$18,000 $120 $200 /year
$0 $0 20 years 0 - 3 years $700+ $90, increases ~3% yearly $200 /year
The next steps
A few more steps until you can start saving
We will ask a few questions about your current utility bill
We require a few pictures for engineering the final design that's ready for permitting
Approve the final design and updated savings estimate
Install & Turn on
Start saving