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After years of sifting and sorting through all of the confusing proposals, these were the first people who made sense, and now I can save some cents (dollars).

Mark S. D. | Propietario

Between the incentives and the monthly savings, the installation will be paid off in no time, and the panels increase the value of my house by $15,000! Can’t ask for better than that.

Stephen | Propietario

We got our solar through Palmetto Energy back in August. It was such an easy, turnkey process!

Vicki | Propietario

It’s pretty rare to have a company that cares so much about their customers - that really carried us through from the beginning all the way to the end. And even after those panels are put on, they’re still very much involved.

Scott | Propietario


Really great people to work with on my project.
They were thorough, they took care of everything, didn't have to worry about anything. They helped me get my permits needed from the city and from my association. Very good company to work with. So far. I'm happy with the service and the product.
Everything up to this point has been great from the planning to the installation of the solar panels. We are now waiting on our electric company (AEP) to give us the the ok to start using the solar power. Then we will see if we made the right decision.
Palmetto was great for the install and explained everything to me and how everything works after the installation was complete
The entire process was easy. Steve DePietro, customer service, and the install team were very helpful and informative. We appreciate all of their help to make this an easy process.
So far your company has delivered as promised...your crews have been very professional in there work and there behavior. Looking forward for our last two steps
Every step was well communicated and planned out.
We are very pleased everything has went as planned and in a timely fashion. We are now waiting on that final moment to go live.(solar)The construction crew was also very professional.

¿Qué hace que Palmetto sea una de las mejores compañías de energía solar de EE. UU.?


Proceso y precios transparentes

Melissa relata su experiencia con Palmetto Solar, desde las preocupaciones iniciales hasta los ahorros instantáneos.
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Dos clientes de Palmetto comparten sus historias: proceso, servicio y ahorros.
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Palmetto lidera el mundo hacia un futuro de energía limpia.
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Optimice sus ahorros con los servicios de monitoreo, protección y mantenimiento del sistema.
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Más de 10 años de experiencia

Si bien muchas compañías de energía solar se van a la quiebra, Palmetto llegó para quedarse.
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Descubra cómo funciona la energía solar y cómo empezar a utilizar Palmetto.
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