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Get Solar, Give Solar

September 20, 2021

Get Solar, Give Solar

Seeded by the belief that clean energy is for everyone, Palmetto’s Get Solar, Give Solar program will provide underserved communities with access to solar energy systems.

The program was announced at Climate Week 2021, and kicked off with a $5M, multi-year commitment to Solar Sister—a women-owned training and entrepreneurship program advancing the distribution of solar energy in developing countries via women entrepreneurs.   

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Palmetto believes Clean Energy is for everyone.

Chris Kemper, Palmetto Chairman, Founder and CEO

“Solar Sister’s focus on bringing clean energy to last-mile communities in Africa is deeply aligned with our values - it is a true personification of what we at Palmetto are ultimately here to contribute. Together, we can bridge a growing clean energy resource gap by harnessing global technology to deliver locally-led solutions in the most overlooked and underserved communities.” 

-Chris Kemper, Palmetto Chairman, Founder and CEO

Welcome to Solar Sister

The Vision: Palmetto Invests In Clean Energy

Palmetto is a rapidly-growing platform technology company set to democratize clean energy by providing the lowest price in residential solar in the U.S.

Get Solar, Give Solar will channel a percentage of Palmetto’s revenue to fund philanthropic partnerships in the fight to reverse climate change, and extend clean energy solutions into communities across the globe without stable, predictable and consistent access to energy for everyday needs.

The Impact: Solar Sister Entrepreneurs Expand Clean Energy Access

In sub-Saharan Africa, over 600 million people have no access to electricity, and over 700 million individuals must rely on harmful cooking fuels like firewood and charcoal. In this environment, it is women who bear the overwhelming burden of energy poverty.

Over the next three years, Solar Sister will support over 10,000 women to reach 10 million people with access to clean energy. “We support local African women to create sustainable businesses that spread clean energy to their communities and beyond!”

Solar Sister In The News

Learn More at SolarSister.org

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The New Utility Revolution

We will soon live in a future where our main energy sources are decentralized, renewable, and sourced from the sun and wind right here in the USA.
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