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The Peach State is ripe for solar energy

A unique combination of hot sunny days, rising electricity prices, and strong financial incentives makes Georgia a strong candidate for installing solar power. In fact, the state ranks among the top 10 states for solar, according to the SEIA. It’s no wonder why thousands of Georgia homeowners have decided to go solar and gain greater independence from their utility provider—and why you can, too!
  • Sunshine readily available, averaging 4.5 hours of peak (high intensity) sun daily
  • Opportunity to earn electricity bill credits available*
  • Federal, state, and local solar incentives available*
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*Eligibility requirements will vary.

How solar power works in Georgia

In Georgia, not only can you generate your own electricity with solar, but you also have the potential to earn credits toward your monthly utility bill for any excess electricity your panels produce through a concept called net billing. Similar to net metering, net billing is a unique billing mechanism in which your utility provider credits your electricity bill for the extra solar energy you add to the electric grid. The credit’s value, however, depends on your utility. Other homeowners may choose to purchase a solar battery, in which their excess energy is instead stored for later use. Whichever the case, Palmetto can help you get the most out of your system—now and for years to come.
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A Georgia solar company you can trust

A leader in today’s solar technology, Palmetto streamlines the once-complex solar process into easy-to-follow steps that you can easily keep track of in our intuitive Palmetto app. Competitive financing options, locally based solar installers in Georgia, and top-of-the-line customer service and products are just a few of the reasons why Georgia homeowners trust Palmetto to deliver long-term value and support.
  • Georgia-based solar panel installers
  • Simple online scheduling and frequent project updates
  • Dedicated teams who specialize in Georgia’s solar permitting and utility requirements
  • Minimum 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance guarantee on all solar panels
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A more personalized solar experience
The decision to go solar is personal—your experience should be, too. That’s why Palmetto equips you with the right tools and people to ensure that your switch to renewable energy is easy, effortless, and enjoyable.
A personal point of contact
Dedicated project coordinator
An experienced project coordinator devoted to answering your questions at every step
Faster installation timelines
Accelerated installation times
Georgia-based solar installers make the time between contract to install swift and easy
Proactive system monitoring
Active system monitoring
Three years of app-based monitoring with Palmetto’s solar system protection program
Dedicated account support
Ongoing account support
One-touch access to customer service and support through your Palmetto solar account
Turnkey solar installations through our Atlanta location
By supporting the local solar industry and employing certified installers in your state, you’ll enjoy a more streamlined fulfillment of your order and regional support when you need it.
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Solar rebates and incentives in Georgia
Most homeowners are eligible to receive the Residential Clean Energy Credit, a strong federal tax incentive worth up to 30% of the total system cost. Additional incentives also exist depending on where you live in Georgia and your utility provider.
Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit
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The Residential Clean Energy Credit allows eligible solar owners to deduct up to 30% of their system’s cost from their total federal tax liability for the year of purchase.
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Net metering and billing programs
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All utility providers, including Georgia Power, are required by law to provide a minimum credit value for any excess solar energy you produce and add to the electric grid. The exact value of the credits will depend on your utility provider.
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Local utility rebates
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Some electric cooperatives and municipal utilities throughout the state of Georgia, such as Central Georgia EMC and Jackson EMC, may offer solar rebate programs to further offset the cost of your solar panels.
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Real reviews from Palmetto customers
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“Easy and worry free!”
“The whole process is easy and worry free! I have always wanted to put solar panels on my house and when the day came it was a no brainer. I decided to move forward with getting solar panels installed on my house after we had a sit down of all the logistics and a presentation of the whole process and break down of how much cost it would be. Also, with the install and using the sun instead of an electric company it will help me budget better on my energy (paying the panel loan off) then having a varying electric bill that's all over the place throughout the year.” Angela O. Google Review
“Professional, quality service”
“Palmetto provided professional, quality service when installing our solar panels. Their communication is top notch. The installation team was punctual, professional and completed it all in 1 day. If we have any questions we can always reach our representative to get them answered. If you are thinking about solar panels, and you should with who knows what's gonna happen with electricity in the future, definitely give Palmetto a call! You won't be disappointed!!!!” Sherri N. Google Review
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Explore our resources, learn more about Palmetto and our values, and discover the answers to your questions about renewable energy, the solar process, incentives, and more.
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Cost of solar panels explained
Learn more about what’s included in the cost of a solar panel system.
Available solar incentives in Georgia
Discover the possible financial incentives available to Georgia solar owners.
Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of going solar in Georgia?

Solar, and more specifically residential solar, makes it possible for everyday people just like you and us to benefit from solar energy—one of the cleanest power sources available today. That’s just one of the many reasons why people choose to power their homes with solar energy in Georgia. Not only does it provide a clean source of electricity to millions of homes and businesses, solar also has the potential to:
  • Offset rising electricity prices
  • Save money on electricity bills
  • Support the local economy
  • Increase home values
  • Avoid power outages with battery storage
And so much more. To learn more about the benefits of solar, visit our blog that explains the pros and cons of solar energy.

How much does it cost to install solar panels in Georgia?

It depends. The cost of a solar panel installation in Georgia will vary based on a variety of factors unique to your situation, home, and circumstances. Those that are most often considered when evaluating price can include:
  • The size of your system
  • The energy efficiency of your home
  • Your current electricity rates
  • Any incentives in your area
  • The size and layout of your roof
  • Preference of loan or cash financing
To learn more about pricing, visit our blog that provides an in-depth look how solar panel systems are generally priced.

How does solar work with my utility provider in Georgia?

The process of going solar differs from solar company to solar company. With Palmetto, we will manage most of the process for you, working with your utility provider to submit the required documents, install your system, and prepare for it to be turned on—or what we call Permission to Operate (PTO). Currently, we work with the following utility companies in Georgia. For reference, an EMC is an acronym meaning “electric membership corporation, which are cooperative utilities with generally less oversight from state regulators.
  • Georgia Power
  • Cobb EMC
  • Sawnee EMC
  • Jackson EMC
  • Greystone EMC
  • Walton EMC
  • Snapping Shoals EMC
  • Coweta-Fayette EMC
  • Central Georgia EMC
  • Coast EMC

What is net metering/billing like in Georgia?

While Georgia’s solar policy has changed throughout its history, today Georgia remains one of the top states for solar energy in the U.S. When it comes to crediting consumers for their excess solar power, Georgia utilities are required by law to provide a minimum credit value to consumers—typically the rate at which the utility would otherwise pay to power generators (also known as the avoided cost of power). For context, net metering is a billing mechanism that enables consumers to receive value for extra solar energy their rooftop panel system produces that the owners cannot immediately consume or use. Consumers can then use that earned credit to offset the cost of electricity that they need when they need more electricity than their panels can produce, like at night. The value of the credit depends on how electricity rates and net metering policies are structured in a particular utility. Cobb EMC, Sawnee EMC, and Coweta-Fayetta EMC currently provide 1-to-1 monthly net metering credits for production and consumption used within the same monthly billing cycle. This means the credit for extra solar electricity sent to the grid is the same value as the rate the utility charges you up to the total amount you consume from the grid that month. Any excess credits remaining at the end of the billing cycle roll over to the next month at the utility’s avoided cost of power, which is approximately 3 cents per kWh. Other Georgia utilities Palmetto operates in, including Georgia Power, provide solar export credits for all extra solar electricity sent to the grid, referred to as net billing.

What is net billing like in Georgia Power?

Georgia Power, the state’s largest utility, is unique in that its current net metering program is capped at 5,000 customers. Therefore, as of July 2021, the program is now full and is no longer accepting applicants. That said, new solar system owners are still eligible for the utility company’s solar net billing program—less lucrative than other net metering programs but still worth considering. In Georgia, the export compensation rate is based on the avoided cost of power, which is the rate the utility would otherwise pay to power generators and ranges from approximately 2.8 to 4.5 cents per kWh depending on the utility. As a result, the local advocates and the solar industry at large are encouraging Georgia Power to “scrap the cap” and reopen its net metering program to new customers. To learn more, visit our blog on solar incentives in Georgia.

Is battery storage worth it in Georgia?

In certain utilities, it may be beneficial to consider solar battery storage. Rather than earning credit from the utility company at an exported rate, solar system owners who purchase battery storage would instead be able to consume their excess electricity at other times of the day when their usage exceeds their solar panels’ electricity production. Here, homeowners would avoid the need to purchase electricity from the utility and instead use their own power that was stored in a battery. Learn more about battery storage and its advantages here.

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