Clean energy is for everyone

Palmetto is expanding access to clean energy with novel platform solutions that empower homeowners to go solar, enable businesses to grow, and drive environmental impact at scale.
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Leading the world toward a clean energy future
Whether you call it clean energy, green energy, solar, or renewables, Palmetto makes it easy to tap in.
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Clean Energy Operating Platform™
Palmetto leverages proprietary platform technology and energy intelligence solutions to accelerate the sale and adoption of clean energy, like residential solar power.
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End-to-End Solar Services
Our end-to-end clean energy services and digital customer experience make it easy for homeowners to go solar and enjoy long-term maintenance, insights, and support.
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National Fulfillment Network
Palmetto offers a seamless network experience—connecting homeowners with local sales and installation specialists to advance the clean energy economy in communities across the U.S.
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Integrated Partner Solutions
Our integrated partner solutions enable established consumer brands to expand into the clean energy market and generate new revenue streams for continued impact and growth.

You don’t have to choose between your money and your values

For the 78 million U.S. households that don’t yet own or lease a solar energy system, Palmetto is removing barriers and expanding access to improve the way we power our lives.
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“Let’s make this the Apollo project of our generation from which Americans achieve energy independence and sustainable energy through mass adoption of affordable clean technology."
Chris Kemper, Founder & CEO
Our collective environmental impact
Since 2010, Palmetto has helped thousands of people across 25 states (and counting!) make the switch to solar. Based on the systems installed to date, Palmetto homeowners are on track to prevent more than two million metric tons of carbon dioxide from reaching our atmosphere. That’s the same as:
54.6 million
tree seedlings grown for ten years
8.2 billion
fewer miles driven
3.7 billion
fewer pounds of coal burned

The new ecosystem for clean energy

The Palmetto Clean Energy Operating Platform™ offers a suite of innovative resources that empower homeowners and businesses alike to realize the benefits of solar—mobilizing a new energy ecosystem to meet the needs of our global environment.
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$5 million multi-year commitment

In 2021, Palmetto launched ‘Get Solar, Give Solar’ with a $5M, multi-year commitment to Solar Sister—a women-owned training and entrepreneurship program advancing the distribution of solar energy in developing countries. The ‘Get Solar, Give Solar’ program funds philanthropic partnerships in the fight to reverse climate change by providing underserved communities with access to solar energy.
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