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Palmetto Protect offers the coverage you need for the confidence you want. With real time energy monitoring, one-click customer support, comprehensive energy recommendations, and best-in-class service, your system can run at peak efficiency while your mind can rest at ease. Not a Palmetto customer? Palmetto Protect is available to any homeowner with a solar power system, whether we installed it or not. If we’re in your state, we’re in your corner!
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Real Time Monitoring

Peak efficiency means peak savings. We’ll closely track the energy produced by your solar array to identify any issues that could lead to reduced performance or down time.

One-Click Customer Support

Gain direct access to dedicated customer support. We’re always on call to address issues, schedule maintenance, and field your every question with a timely and thorough response.

Comprehensive Energy Recommendations

Uncover new opportunities to save. We’re constantly evaluating your energy data to recommend better usage behaviors and the right smart devices and new technologies.

Best-in-Class Service

We’ve partnered with the top solar inspection, service, and maintenance specialists in your area so you can count on superior workmanship guaranteed by Palmetto.

Not a Palmetto customer?

Whether your solar energy system is new or old, was installed by Palmetto or not, the benefits of Palmetto Protect are available wherever Palmetto services are provided.* Take control of your savings.Enroll today*Palmetto Protect not available in every state. Click here to see where we serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy more coverage?

Palmetto will be introducing expanded coverage later this year that will include options for enhanced diagnostics and troubleshooting, regular inspections and cleanings, and access to exclusive discounts on services.

When can I start using my plan?

Immediately! Real time monitoring and access to top notch service specialists are available as soon as you enroll.

How do I request service?

Palmetto Protect customers can submit maintenance requests using the Service Request Form linked above or through the Palmetto App. A customer service representative will reach out right away to review your request and schedule service as needed.

How can I find out the status of my service request?

Our dedicated customer service representatives will keep you informed with regular progress updates from the day you submit your service request through the completion of your service visit.

Can I choose my contractor?

All contractors must be licensed and approved by Palmetto. We’ve partnered with the top solar inspection, service and maintenance specialists in your area so you can count on superior workmanship guaranteed by Palmetto.

How does this work with my warranty?

Palmetto Protect identifies potential issues with your system and enables you to easily take action to resolve those issues. If you require service on a piece of equipment that is covered by your manufacturer’s warranty, Palmetto Protect provides comprehensive management of any warranty claims that may arise. If your system was installed by Palmetto and has a workmanship guarantee, Palmetto Protect will also provide comprehensive management of any claims that may arise.

Are Palmetto Protect benefits included when you install solar with Palmetto?

Palmetto Protect is a separate add-on that includes active monitoring, discounts on products and services and more. It can be applied to any solar energy system. However, it is not automatically included when you install solar with Palmetto.

What advantages does Palmetto Protect offer over other solar service providers?

Palmetto Protect is your ally in solar energy savings, and offers easy access to maintenance and service, system monitoring, and exceptional customer service. In the 10+ years since Palmetto was founded, we’re proud to have supported and worked with some of the top solar companies in the industry. You can feel confident that we’ll be there for the full life of your solar energy system.

What is included in a solar panel cleaning?

Dust and debris can accumulate over time and compromise the performance of your solar panels. During cleanings, panels are carefully scrubbed with soap and water to remove any residue from wind, pests or storms.

How does pest abatement work?

Pest abatement refers to the removal and repair of any pest-related debris or damage, most often the result of squirrels or birds. Through this process, we will restore any panels and roof areas that were impacted, and add protective guards that prevent new pests from taking residence in or around your system.

Why would solar panels need to be removed and reinstalled?

The most common reasons are 1) home repairs, additions or upgrades, 2) a new roof is being installed or 3) the system is being moved to a new home.

Why Palmetto?

Since 2009, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners across the US access clean solar energy with end-to-end solutions that promise results you can track and savings you can count on.

11 years in business

5000+ clients served

Across 15 states

1000s of trusted sales members and build partners

95% of clients recommend our services*
*NPS Score

B-Impact score: 94.2

The average Palmetto homeowner saves more than $18,000 over 25 years by going solar. Resources are precious. Why waste yours?

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