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After years of sifting and sorting through all of the confusing proposals, these were the first people who made sense, and now I can save some cents (dollars).

Mark S. D. | Homeowner

Between the incentives and the monthly savings, the installation will be paid off in no time, and the panels increase the value of my house by $15,000! Can’t ask for better than that.

Stephen | Homeowner

We got our solar through Palmetto Energy back in August. It was such an easy, turnkey process!

Vicki | Homeowner

It’s pretty rare to have a company that cares so much about their customers - that really carried us through from the beginning all the way to the end. And even after those panels are put on, they’re still very much involved.

Scott | Homeowner


Most professional installers I’ve EVER encountered. Everything was fully explained to me on how my system works, and they thoroughly cleaned the work area. The staff constantly kept me in the loop on all the steps that would be taking place from beginning to end and I’m very happy with the service I received.
good communication. Permission to operate and permits was a little slow but that usually depends on the utility company and city. Other than that, for a company in SC I had I pretty good experience out here in California.
Quick installation, great customer service. I went with Palmetto after interviewing 4 solar companies and getting 3 quotes for a purchased solar syatem. Their price per kw was better than the rest and they also had the best interest rate. I was initially worried as I had never heard of them before but decided to take a chance and go for it, and I'm glad I did. From conversation, to roof mapping, to installation then turning the system on was about 2 months I believe, with the slowest part being related to the utility company. There were a couple things I needed to talk to customer service about and I was never on hold for more than a minute or two and always had my questions answered cleary within 5 minutes. I'm loving this company and since ultities have risen considerably my system is paying itself back quicker than expected. Additionally I'm in the process of getting two of my friends referred so they can be energy independent as well.
Solar review The Gentleman that came by was very polite and explained everything to me. The process was great.
Great information and install
Choosing to Go Solar Everything that I was told was done exactly as it was presented to me. All the parties involved were very friendly and knowledgeable and timely. My salesman Wes Lyons made me feel very comfortable and and by the end of his presentation I couldn;'t wait to get started.
Was a great experience was walked through every step and was easy
Super happy with my Solar’ Wish I have gone solar sooner. I’m very happy with the result. 1) the process was quick and straightforward. 2) Palmetto is on top with maintenance. 3) it freed me with my super high electric bills during summer time. I can leave the AC on as much as needed now. 4) electric bill is now $22 per month.
So far so good and they have been beating their time estimates. Install was delayed due to winter weather but the new date they showed up even with snow on the roof. The install crew was good and got done in one day. Left some mud in the house coming in and out and some debris outside that we had to clean up. Was given less than 24 hours notice on inspection. However with all that said, more annoyances than anything. Panels look great on the house. Install was on January 9th and were were generating electricity by the 20th according to the app. Got notice on the 27th, today, that we were good to activate our system. Time will tell now to see how they perform.
Palmetto energy has taken care of the whole solar change over process and has been an excellent company to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone interested in solar power.

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