Palmetto was great to work with, they are knowledgeable and always available to help and answer questions. We were very pleased with the service and pricing.
Love our solar. Palmetto has been very good to work with.
Palmetto Solar gets 5 stars from us!!! Great relationship with our sales person, we hit a few bumps at the beginning to get our system running. (permits, inspector and electric co to change meter) We have 36 panels and we bank electric in the summer months, I replaced all of our light bulbs with led, and just recently purchased a roof snow shovel to remove snow. Thank You Palmetto Solar!!!
We are satisfied from the sales person , installers and dealing with Palmetto over the phone and online. We , so far save a great amount in the summer months. Air conditioning, Swimming pool pump running it’s now saves us about 2/3 in our electric cost. Winter time not so much but we expected lower solar savings.
Everything they say they are. From install to performance. Happy today. I believe I'll be even happier moving forward.
We had solar panels installed in the summer of 2019. We were very pleased with the sales man. He explained everything thoroughly from start to finish. The installation crew were very prompt, professional and courteous and respectful of our property. The company followed up every step of the way. They worked with National Grid and within a few months we were running with the sun. We started noticing our electric bills declining and by the following year we had developed a credit. We have central air conditioning and we used to have very high bills in the summer, but last summer was a surprise because we generated so much sunshine, we never received an electric bill. We look forward to the spring so we can soak up more sunshine. I highly recommend this company for your solar-powered experience. Very pleased and satisfied customers. Gordon and Adele Johnson
very satisfied with my solar panels and making my electric bill more affordable
Palmetto company Help you from A to Z , paper works, designed, permitted, and installations, take good care customer. My solar power save my electrical bill, I enjoy around year saving, thanks for your works.
Everyone was so helpful. I was kept informed through the process. I love my solar. Doing my part for a better world.
Easy to work with- Knowledgeable and efficient.
I recommend Palmetto because from the sales talk, to the installation, and follow up, the people of Palmetto Solar have displayed a great sense of professionalism. They have always been able to answer my questions in a truthful manner. Watching the installation team was a superb experience, as they worked in a technically efficient, well orchestrated team. At the end of the installation they conducted a self inspection of the work performed, accompanied by their supervisor. Personnel at the main office were very helpful, assisting me with the computerized documentation of the mandatory permits to install and operate the solar power production. Without their dedication and patience, they helped me complete these tasks. Palmetto you are the best. Thanks, and God Speed on all of your endeavors. Feel free to use my recommendations. Joseph J. Cassidy, PhD, TSGT USAF Ret.
Great company to work with. The sales person was informative, the install crew was awesome! showed up on time, did a great job and then cleaned everything up when they were done. While they were installing I called customer service with a few questions, they answered the phone right away and were very happy to answer all my questions. The customer service rep. was so pleasant and told me to call her back if I had any other questions. Great company I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.
I have been working with London to get my solar panels. He has been tremendously thorough in explaining the process and letting me know what to expect. He let me know that permits take a while, which is completely expected and understandable in these COVID days. He calculated that if we can put the maximum amount of panels on spatially I can almost cut my electric bill down significantly which should offset the cost of the solar panel loan. Plus, I will be getting a hefty amount of money back in the form of tax credits federally and with my state not to mention, the value of my house will go up about 13,000. (The money savings is a perk for me but, solar panels have always been more than just saving money... it's about saving the planet and using renewable energy.) A technician came out and sent the information to an engineer who stated that one part of my house would not feasibly hold solar panels. This changed the amount of panels that could be added onto my house. I was glad to know that they wouldn't just put solar panels on my roof if my roof couldn't handle it. I feel like they are very cautious and take their time to make sure they are doing things correctly. I have been communicated with throughout the process by either London or Chris and feel they both have been doing a good job of keeping me in the know. So far, I'm very pleased with the way things are going.
Excellent service, professional workers .
It was a quick process, from interests to installation. I was always informed and every question was encouraged and answered. I'm satisfied with the finished results and it seemed no different that regular electricity. Which I started sooner. Thank Palmetto! Highly recommend!!!
I recommend Palmetto Solar for your home solar equipment supplier as their performance throughout the installation to operation status was timely and professional. And the Customer Service continues to provide any need during operation.
Overall, good experience. I would recommend if you are thinking of going solar.
Excellent customer service and communication. Highly recommend them. Even the day of the install, I got phone calls and texts to verify availability and just check-in. It was a wonderful experience.
Palmetto was wonderful to work with! They did all of the leg work for us, including HOA approval, permits, and the like. It couldn't have been an easier process, and with our electric bills now in the $15-30 range, we couldn't be happier.
Professional installation, Completed within a day. Worked 1st time.
Excelente compañía! Lo que me gustó de esta compañía fue la honestidad en ofrecerme el sistema solar que necesito para mi casa, normalmente las otras compañías te quieren engañar ofreciéndote el precio más bajo haciendo una instalación de un sistema muy bajo que no va a cumplir con lo que de verdad utilizas en tu casa. Palmetto me hablo claro de una y me dijeron cual era el sistema que de verdad iba cumplir un mis espectativas y efectivamente se cumplió lo que dijeron. Desde el primer mes que los paneles se activaron y empezarom a funcionar, el único pago que tengo con Duke Energy es solo la coneccion con ellos, la energía me dale en 0$. De verdad que les recomiendo al 100% Palmetto. Los mejores!
Palmetto was great to work with. Purchased through SolarBuddy, and everything went smoothly without any delays or issues. Would highly recommend!
Great service from Palmetto, answered all questions and from beginning consultation to final installation the process was easy. Only hiccup was with the third-party installer but that was quickly and easily resolved thanks to the Palmetto team. Would highly recommend.



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