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After years of sifting and sorting through all of the confusing proposals, these were the first people who made sense, and now I can save some cents (dollars).

Mark S. D. | Homeowner

Between the incentives and the monthly savings, the installation will be paid off in no time, and the panels increase the value of my house by $15,000! Can’t ask for better than that.

Stephen | Homeowner

We got our solar through Palmetto Energy back in August. It was such an easy, turnkey process!

Vicki | Homeowner

It’s pretty rare to have a company that cares so much about their customers - that really carried us through from the beginning all the way to the end. And even after those panels are put on, they’re still very much involved.

Scott | Homeowner


The team installing my solar system was knowledgeable, courteous, and respectful of my property. They answered all my questions and I was very happy with the way it looked afterwards. As I have a flat roof I was worried that they would protrude too much but you hardly notice they are there.
From beginning to end has been a smooth process. The price we were quoted is the price we got at the end of our installation process. The installation was done within one day by a local solar panel company that knows the state and local regulations for proper installation of solar panels. So far our system has passed all inspections, so we recommend Palmetto for your next solar panel system.
Winder The entire process was well organized, and schedules were met as planned. The team were very professional and kept me informed through every step.
Everything was good so far. Just waiting for the current electric provider to switch off and palmetto to take over.
They were very efficient and professional Did as they said they were going to do and were on time with it
Palmetto took care of details for customer
Great salesperson, professional, caring, thoughtful.
The whole process was very easy because everything was taken care of and I was notified on every step along the way. The App is very easy to use to monitor the energy produced.
Immediate service and competent Staff that solve problems as they arise!
everyone delt with was very professional and answered any question I had.

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"... the word that I would go back to with Palmetto is transparency."
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