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See why homeowners choose Palmetto for their Boston solar installations: end-to-end service, certified local installers, clear pricing and financing options, and long-term customer support.
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More reasons to go solar in Boston

Boston’s progressive solar incentives have made it a frontrunner in the solar market and helped Boston homeowners see more savings and a faster return on investment from their solar panel installations. In fact, the 2022 Shining Cities report named Boston a “Solar Star” for having 70.4 watts of solar power installed per person. While Boston doesn’t top the list of sunny U.S. cities, residential solar panels can produce power from indirect light and even benefit from cooler temperatures.
  • Averages three hours of daily peak sun
  • More than 132,000 solar installations state-wide
  • Strong climate policies and solar energy incentives
  • Massachusetts tax credits and exemptions available
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Palmetto offers end-to-end solar installation services

From system design and financing through permitting, installation, and utility approval, Palmetto is your dedicated partner for residential solar. We work with certified solar installers across the Greater Boston area and maintain strict product and performance standards to ensure you get the most out of your solar panel installation. Our sophisticated platform technologies streamline the solar process, making it easy to review documents, track updates, and connect with support—right from your personal account. All solar equipment and installation services are folded into one inclusive price and reflected in your estimate.
  • Dedicated point of contact for questions and support
  • Licensed and certified installers across the Greater Boston area
  • Minimum 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance guarantee on all solar panels
  • Local permitting and interconnection teams to accelerate the installation process
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A Palmetto Build Partner installs solar panels on a roof
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We never compromise on quality!
Palmetto was recently named the “most forward-thinking” solar provider by Solar Power World thanks to our comprehensive customer service and intuitive user platform. Here are just four ways we deliver quality to Boston solar homeowners.
Energy intelligence data
Dedicated project coordinator
We use proprietary data to map your rooftop solar potential and optimize your design
In-house project management
Accelerated installation times
Leave the details to us! You’ll have a dedicated contact for questions and support
Personal solar account
Active system monitoring
See real-time information and updates as we move your project forward
Active system monitoring
Ongoing account support
Track system performance and energy production by day, week, or month
Why choose Palmetto for solar panels in Boston
We believe that clean energy is for everyone, and advance clean energy solutions that help homeowners take control of their power (and savings!) while supporting solar sales and installation businesses in their local community.
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Local installations—from our Boston solar warehouse to your roof

253D Worcester Rd. Charlton, MA 01507 The Palmetto Boston warehouse is not open to the public. Have a question? Call (855) 339-1831
Key solar incentives in Boston, Massachusetts
Massachusetts offers a variety of incentive programs for residential solar projects, allowing homeowners to offset their installation costs and earn money on the energy they produce.
Residential Clean Energy Credit
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The Residential Clean Energy Credit allows eligible solar owners to deduct up to 30% of their system’s cost from their total federal tax liability for the year of installation.
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Massachusetts Solar Tax Credits and Exemptions
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Massachusetts residents may be eligible for an additional 15% state tax credit on the cost of installation plus solar sales tax and property tax exemptions.
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Class 1 Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
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With Class 1 RECs, homeowners can earn and sell credits on the energy they produce. RECs are purchased by utility providers to meet the Renewable Portfolio Standards defined in 2008.
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“so easy and convenient”
"I'm so happy with my new solar system, and thankful with palmetto solar and all their representatives, you've been so helpful, and professional since the beginning with all the permits, the re-roofing, installation and connecting was so easy and convenient. I recommend 100%" Segura M. Google Review
“Palmetto handled everything!”
"Palmetto handled everything! They coordinated all of the paperwork, permits and installation. And, they communicated the status of the project timely. Installation crew did a great job working in cold and snowy conditions. Very happy with our decision to use Palmetto for our solar system." James B. Google Review
Your go-to resource for Boston solar panel installations
Our Massachusetts solar resources can help you understand what’s available in your area and how to maximize your solar energy savings.
Massachusetts solar tax credits and incentives
Learn about the solar incentives available to MA residents, including tax credits, sales and property tax exemptions, and net metering programs.
Guide to solar panels in Massachusetts
How much can you save with solar panels in Massachusetts? Explore average costs, savings, incentives, and more.
Going solar as an Eversource customer
Review the history and availability of Eversource solar programs like SMART incentives and Class1 RECs.
Frequently asked questions

Can I get free solar panels in Massachusetts?

Unfortunately, no. Solar panels, like any investment in your home, are not free. However, several federal and state incentives available to Massachusetts homeowners can help you recoup a percentage of your installation costs, earn credit on the power you generate, and accelerate your return on investment.

Does solar make sense in Massachusetts?

Yes! In fact, solar makes more sense for Massachusetts homeowners than for many other U.S. states. While the cloudy weather may seem like a deterrent, solar panels installed in Massachusetts can still generate sufficient energy from direct and indirect sunlight to offset your household energy needs. On top of that, Massachusetts is a leader in renewable energy policy and has launched several programs to incentivize residential solar for homeowners across the state. These range from tax incentives to energy credits that help offset solar installation costs and grow your long-term savings. In 2021, the median system size installed by Palmetto solar customers in Massachusetts was 8.16kW and offered more than $53,000 in estimated 25-year savings.

Does MA have a solar tax credit?

Yes, Massachusetts has three tax-specific solar incentive programs to help offset the costs of your solar panel investment. The Massachusetts Solar Tax Credit allows eligible homeowners to claim up to 15% or $1,000 of their installation costs as a credit towards their state tax liability in the year of purchase. Massachusetts also offers state sales and property tax exemptions on solar panel installations, meaning you will not pay sales taxes on your purchase, nor will your property taxes increase due to your solar panel installation. Massachusetts solar customers may also be eligible for the 30% federal Residential Clean Energy Credit and state-wide, performance-based incentives like net metering programs and Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

Does MA have net metering?

All three investor-owned utilities in Massachusetts—National Grid, Eversource, and Unitil—offer 1:1 net metering, while Taunton Municipal Light Plant offers monthly net metering. Here’s how it works. If you are a National Grid, Eversource, or Unitil customer: Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity produced by your solar power system and not used in your home will flow to the grid and earn you credit towards your utility bill. Excess energy will be credited at the full market rate and can be carried over from month to month as a dollar value. If you are a Taunton customer: Any excess energy will similarly flow to the grid and earn you full, market-value credit towards the energy you consume that month. However, any credits that roll over to subsequent months will be valued at a lower rate.

Does solar increase home value in Massachusetts?

In 2022, Forbes Home estimated that Massachusetts homeowners with solar energy systems installed could expect a 2-3% increase in home value. Across the U.S., several research studies have shown that solar panels not only increase home value, but also help your home stand out, earn more, and sell faster on the national real estate market. While your increase in home value will depend on several factors, including your location, the age and performance of your solar energy system, and the cost of electricity in your area, 2022 Rocket data suggests that solar-powered homes are 24.7% more likely to sell over asking price and spend 13.3% less time on the market.

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