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Palmetto’s New Logo Brings Together Savings, Empowerment, and Control

February 8, 2021
Chris Kemper
Palmetto Brand Elements
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Imagine All You Can Save

The energy market is built to confuse and to control. At Palmetto, our goal is to earn trust and build customer loyalty by making energy easy to understand, and giving control back to homeowners. With that goal in mind, we decided it was time to update our Palmetto branding and the Palmetto logo to reflect our new focus.

Imagine All You Can Save

We've helped thousands of homeowners go solar, and now we're expanding our focus to provide end-to-end energy solutions. Our goal is to give homeowners the knowledge and tools they need to run their homes less expensively, more efficiently, and with less impact on the planet than any other utility or energy company.

Palmetto logo

The new Palmetto logo features three paths, representing Savings, Empowerment, and Control, that lead to the center of who we are: A 360° smart energy provider focused on putting power back in the hands of people, and having a positive impact on the environment.

Palmetto brand elements

When it comes to home solar, Palmetto handles everything. System design, financing, permits, installation, and maintenance through one helpful contact, with our promise that savings is always our top priority. The new Palmetto branding is intended to reflect that end-to-end solar focus, with a variety of applications that encompass and expand alongside our growing product roadmap.

With our goal of being a 360° smart energy provider, we offer our personalized and easy-to-understand Palmetto App, which helps homeowners make sense of their energy production and use, and connects them to local, trustworthy contractors and service providers.

Another example is Palmetto Protect, which helps solar power systems run at peak efficiency, and provides homeowners with real-time energy monitoring, one-click customer support, comprehensive energy recommendations, and best-in-class service.

We have a lot of big plans for the future, and we're excited to make them under the new Palmetto branding that we think represents our renewed focus of putting power back in the hands of homeowners everywhere.

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