Environmental Social and Governance

A Bold Mission - Create a Future Powered by Clean Tech Energy

At Palmetto, it’s our mission to be the world’s largest clean energy and social-impact company.

And leading the world toward a clean energy future is at the heart of everything we do.

It’s our north star that guides us to perform sustainably and ethically as we sell, design, finance, build and maintain residential solar systems across the country.

It enables us to have a positive impact on the people, environments and communities we serve by providing economic development and job opportunities.

Our employees and partners are committed to integrity in action, fairness in conduct and respect for all. We believe in the future of clean energy to help save our planet.

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Photo of Chris Kemper, founder and ceo of Palmetto
I’m an environmentalist and a capitalist, an enigma to some (personally, I prefer eco-entrepreneur ninja). I believe that not only can a strong economy coexist with a healthy climate, in order for climate change mitigation to be truly sustainable — it must.
Chris KemperPalmetto Founder & CEO

Corporate Policies & Business Practices

Integrating environmental, social and governance policies into both our corporate policies and daily business practices is key to achieving our goal of providing affordable solar and eventually grid-parity costs, to drive solar adoption across the country.

Our Business Model

As a 100% build partner model, our vision for a future powered by solar depends on the quality and reach of our partnerships. We’re committed to hiring local build partners and focus on helping smaller partners build their businesses with comprehensive resources, training, guidance, and key financial benefits.

Cost Transparency

We believe knowledge is power and cost transparency is key. The consumer adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies in homes is all about price. We’re able to price systems below other competitors because we operate at a systems level.

Why We Believe This Approach Will Work

We believe that given the opportunity to choose clean energy for the same cost as traditional energy, consumers will make the commitment to clean energy and our collective future.

Give Back

Mitigating climate change is what we do everyday with our work through Palmetto.
Clean EnergyClean Energy

Solar Sister

Solar sister is a female empowered entrepreneur program that focuses on the distribution of solar in developing countries. Palmetto partnered with them to expand the delivery of clean energy to homes across Africa.

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Land ConservationLand Conservation

Charleston Parks Conservancy

Supports 20 parks promoting horticulture including botanicals and edibles. The Community Garden Program is working to address food insecurity by supporting food banks.

Our Environmental Impact

8,390,213Trees Grown for 10 Years
1,239,887,026Fewer Miles Driven
554,327,745Fewer Pounds of Coal Burned

How We Measure Success

Palmetto is a B Corporation with triple bottom-line certification. We have an B-Impact Score of 94.2. We measure our success based on three elements: our economic performance and valuation, our level of corporate social responsibility, and our environmental sustainability standards and impacts.

Inclusion. Diversity. Equity. Action.

We believe our business grows through diversity in our ideas, our thoughts, our people and our acts. Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity and experience accelerate a clean energy future. Palmetto’s culture is built on respect, embracing differences while connecting us together with what we have in common...our values and mission to provide our customers with the most affordable energy source -clean energy. Action is our responsibility to advance inclusion, diversity and equity for all.

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Why Palmetto?

Since 2009, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners across the US access clean solar energy with end-to-end solutions that promise results you can track and savings you can count on.

11 years in business

5000+ clients served

Across 15 states

1000s of trusted sales members and build partners

95% of clients recommend our services*
*NPS Score

B-Impact score: 94.2

The average Palmetto homeowner saves more than $18,000 over 25 years by going solar. Resources are precious. Why waste yours?

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In the news | 02.15.19 | Jonathan Shieber

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Palmetto gets $20 million credit line for its solar and energy efficiency installation marketplace

For homeowners that want to go green, but have trouble figuring out how to do it, Palmetto Clean Technologies has the answer. The company has an army of salespeople to pitch the benefits of solar power and energy efficiency, and will connect would-be clean energy consumers with financing options, installers, and software to monitor and manage their equipment.

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In the news | 09.25.19 | Natalie Parletta

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A New Partnership Pursues Democratic Renewable Energy

Solar Sisters are doing it for themselves – and now with a little help from their friends. Pursuing a joint vision to make renewable energy technology affordable and accessible, US company Palmetto has partnered with them to expand the delivery of clean energy to homes across Africa.

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In the news | 06.01.20 | Christopher Kemper

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Solar Stimulus: How Renewables Will Save The Economy & Our Planet

For those of us running a business, pursuing the golden dream, these are incredibly stressful times. It’s easy to feel numb. Need something positive to look forward to? Try this one on for size. A day is coming, sooner than we think, when humanity will rise up and overcome: not just COVID-19 but the whole enchilada — climate change, overpopulation, our addictive obsession to fossil fuels burning a hole in the ozone sky.

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In the news | 08.05.20 | David Dykes

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Charleston Firm Continues To Innovate To Address Climate Change

Charleston-based Palmetto, a software, energy-focused company, said it has completed a $29 million Series B raise with investors from a range of sectors including energy, financial technology and software.

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In the news | 02.15.19 | Billy Ludt

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Energy Impact Partners invests $20 million in Palmetto Clean Technology

Energy Impact Partners (EIP), a utility-backed energy investment firm, announced that it has provided up to $20 million in financing facilities to Palmetto Clean Technology, a solar and platform technology and fulfillment company focused on the distribution and democratization of clean energy products.

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In the news | 09.04.18 | John McDermott

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Ex-NBA commissioner among backers of a Charleston solar tech firm

A Charleston-based clean energy technology company has raised $6 million from a group of investors that includes a former National Basketball Association commissioner. Palmetto Clean Technology Inc. said it will use the proceeds to help expand the reach of its core sales product.

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In the news | 09.05.18 | Polina Marinova

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A venture firm called Hypothesis Ventures has formed to take advantage of a new $6 trillion opportunity — and that opportunity is found outside Silicon Valley. Hypothesis plans to invest in early-stage tech startups in Opportunity Zones, a new capital gains exemption for people who make long-term investments in underserved communities. There are currently 8,700 designated Opportunity Zones in the U.S.

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Clean Energy & Solar FAQs

What is clean energy?

Clean energy is energy that is produced with methods that do not release greenhouse gasses or other pollutants. It can be generated from renewable resources like wind and solar.

Why is clean energy important?

Clean energy sources do not emit greenhouse gases in their energy generation processes. They are inexhaustible.

What are the benefits of Clean Energy?

Clean Energy reduces our reliance on Fossil Fuels. It can help mitigate climate change by reducing emissions. In the United States, about a third of emissions come from Coal and other Fossil Fuels. A transition to renewable sources would reduce this significantly.

Are the terms “renewable energy” and “clean energy” interchangeable?

No, not all renewable energy methods are clean energy. For example, Geothermal is renewable but the processing of it can have a negative environmental impact. By contrast, solar energy is considered both renewable and clean energy because solar installed on rooftops has little impact on the environment.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source that converts energy from sunlight into electricity for your home using photovoltaic panels.

What are the benefits of solar energy as an energy source?

Using solar energy does not produce air pollutants or carbon dioxide. It helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels. -It’s Renewable. The sun gives us the energy to power the world and it won't run out. -It’s Clean and carbon dioxide free. No greenhouse gas emissions are released when you use solar panels to create electricity. -It has low operating costs. The process of solar panels converting sunlight into electricity does not require any fuel -Extra electricity can be stored in a battery or fed back into the electricity grid.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels, also called photovoltaic or PV panels, consist of solar cells that are designed to capture the light and heat from sunlight and convert it into clean energy for your home. When sunlight hits your solar panel, the photons of energy are converted into DC (direct current) electricity, which is then converted into AC (alternating current) electricity for use in your home. Solar panels are often grouped together to form a solar grid or solar array, allowing you to capture and harness the right amount of energy for your needs.

Are solar panels really worth it?

Yes! Whether you're looking to save money, save resources, or protect the natural environment from the effects of climate change, solar energy is an effective way to tackle all three. Palmetto solar customers can save thousands over the lifetime of their solar energy systems—often earning credit on power they generate through net metering programs and recouping costs via various rebates and incentives. Meanwhile, the cost of grid electricity is only going up. On the environmental front, an investment in sustainable, solar energy allows you to dramatically decrease your carbon footprint and your reliance on fossil fuels. It’s also a great way to boost interest in clean technologies and the economies they support.

What is the solar market today in the United States?

The United States solar market has more than 2.5 million individual solar installations, ranging from home rooftop systems to large utility systems. Over the past decade, the solar market has grown, on average, by 49% each year.

What are the limitations of solar energy?

The amount of sunlight that arrives at the earth's surface varies depending on location, time of day, seasons, and weather conditions. A large surface area is necessary to collect a useful amount of energy.

Where can I learn more about the Solar industry?