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Palmetto Commits Industry Leading Investment Announcing 250 More Frontline Workforce Hires to Continue Excellent Customer Experience Delivery

The cleantech company plans to hire more than 250 customer-focused workers across the US to provide a concierge service, enabled by an easy digital experience

CHARLESTON, SC (Sept. 22, 2022) -- Palmetto, a clean energy operating platform leveraging proprietary technology to accelerate the sale and adoption of clean energy, today announced plans to hire over 250 customer success and field operations employees to work directly with local homeowners across the United States. This marks another milestone in the company's journey to provide a superior experience for its customers and transform the industry's outdated approach to connecting homeowners with renewable energy systems. 

There are numerous factors for homeowners to weigh when deciding to source power from solar energy, and one of the most essential steps is selecting the best company to handle the process. Despite the fact that the solar industry has seen a boom, larger industry problems, including supply chain shortages and outdated, asset-heavy business models, have put significant constraints on companies' ability to affordably maintain their operations. In contrast, Palmetto has been intentionally investing in its efforts to access consumers through new channels, digitize operations for scale and make clean energy more accessible for consumers by changing the business model to an Amazon-like experience. 

Palmetto will now provide customers with their own dedicated, highly-trained, highly-qualified professional that is equipped with the technical knowledge and expertise to lead solar projects throughout the entire fulfillment journey. The company is focused on delivering a long-term, sustainable experience to its customers by leveraging the dedicated representatives' ability to simplify steps and educate homeowners on what to expect as they go through the process. Digital tools like the customer's personalized Palmetto app will guide the customer through each stage of the journey, engaging them when needed and keeping them up to date on their installation design, status and system performance. 

Palmetto's tech-led approach provides an easy, cost-effective and delightful experience for the consumer, with the intent on investing in customer relationships for the long term. Property owners interested in converting to solar energy through Palmetto are given access to the company's digital platform, through which they can learn more about the technology & installation process, obtain quotes online, compare lending options, confirm their custom system design, and track the project from start to finish with live updates all in one place. Palmetto manages the end to end process with a fully enabled operating platform that handles sales, design, engineering, permitting and fulfillment. Most recently, Palmetto released new features to predict installation timelines in the customer's service area, using predictive algorithms and local intelligence data. The company also released industry changing quality control technology and workflows to ensure customer trust and satisfaction. Palmetto is not only dedicated to customer success, but will also support its newly-formed enterprise division as well. For corporate partners bringing clean energy to consumers using Palmetto's platform, energy tech industry veteran Molly Hale has been hired as VP of Customer Success.

Palmetto entered the year having secured over $400 million in capital funding during Q4 2021, and maintains a healthy balance sheet with a lean, efficient operation. The company is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities ahead across the clean energy industry, all with an unrelenting focus to provide the best price and best service to consumers. With the onboarding of new hires throughout the remainder of 2022 and next year, a restructuring plan has been developed to shift central operations roles to locally organized, customer success roles, and consolidate roles handling fragmented processes into its end-to-end platform workflows. 

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Palmetto believes that access to clean energy sources is a right, not a privilege. Palmetto makes it easier and more affordable for homeowners to source their energy from renewables like solar power. They enable brands entering or growing within the residential clean energy market to increase their revenue and decarbonization goals for continued impact and growth. The company's Clean Energy Operating Platform enables end-to-end sales, financing, fulfillment, permitting, energy intelligence insights, digital sales funnel and a digital customer experience. The company was awarded Most Forward-Thinking Contractor by Solar Power World in 2022. Palmetto's Get-Solar, Give-Solar program provides underserved communities across sub-Saharan Africa with access to clean energy. Palmetto is a triple bottom line, fully distributed company with teammates throughout the United States. For more information, please visit