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Palmetto Enters Utah Residential Solar Market

Utah homeowners can now explore Palmetto’s innovative clean energy marketplace to access rooftop solar energy savings

CHARLESTON, S.C. (March 23, 2022)Palmetto, a clean energy platform leveraging proprietary technology designed to drive the adoption of renewable energy like solar power, today announced their expansion into Utah’s residential solar market. Palmetto offers low prices and exceptional customer service by deploying their clean energy platform to coordinate the delivery of cost-saving products.  

Ninety-five percent of residential rooftops across Utah can be assessed for solar panel installation through Palmetto’s innovative clean energy platform. Within minutes, homeowners can gain a cost-benefit analysis to determine their energy bill savings, the amount of carbon offset by solar installation, and the number of years it will take to earn back the solar installation investment.

“This is an exciting step for Palmetto as we accelerate our growth across the United States,” said Chris Kemper, Palmetto Chairman, Founder, and CEO.  “Residential solar installations in Utah have increased by 20% since 2021, making expansion into Utah a key part of our mission to ensure that choosing clean energy sources is a right, not a privilege. We are looking forward to bringing down the costs for energy independence to homeowners across Utah.” 

Chris Kemper founded Palmetto after years of working for some of the world’s leading organizations on climate change, and realizing that stopping it would only be possible by changing our energy system quickly and on a massive scale. Kemper reimagined the business model for clean energy installs: stripping out costs and accelerating the buying process through tech-enabled tools and a decentralized marketplace of sellers and builders. Through Palmetto, Kemper has aligned stakeholders -- including policymakers, investors, business leaders and consumers --- in his call for a New Utility Revolution and a shared mission of leading the world into a clean energy future.

About Palmetto

Palmetto is an award-winning clean technology platform, with proprietary technology designed to make it easier and more affordable for homeowners to source their energy from renewables like solar power. Palmetto believes that choosing clean energy sources is a right, not a privilege. Palmetto is leading the call for a New Utility Revolution, which is focused on the democratization of energy. The Company continues to innovate with proprietary products that reduce costs and drive widespread distribution of simple energy management solutions. Palmetto is a triple bottom line, fully distributed company with teammates throughout the United States. For more information please visit