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Tap into a new market of solar consumers with Palmetto Finance: offering an energy plan that is affordable, simple, and hard-to-resist!
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What is Palmetto Finance?
Palmetto Finance offer is TPO (Third Party Ownership) solar energy plan. Instead of dealing with the hassle of increasing interest rates and increased costs for homeowners, Palmetto Finance provides leases and PPAs (depending on market) so homeowners can see year-one reduced rate on energy.  The average American paid 14.3% more on energy costs in 2022 than in 2021 – largely due to surprise rate hikes. LightReach’s TPO plan sets a fixed rate escalator of either 0.99%, 1.99%, or 2.99% per kilowatt hour to hedge against the rate hikes consumers would see from their utility providers: creating long-term savings without the upfront costs. 
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Palmetto Finance Features:
With rates equal to or cheaper than the other guys, Palmetto Finance can help you get more glass on roofs, and get paid faster.
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Homeowner Doesn't Own the System
The homeowner does NOT own the solar system. Instead, they only pay for the energy plan without taking on any risk but also without taking any incentives. Customers can have a Palmetto Finance energy plan on up to 3 of their properties.
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Get Paid Faster
We prioritize speed to NTP with a swift and seamless credit approval process. During the fulfillment and installation phases, we make it easy for our certified installers to submit the information required to complete the project and get paid. We don't value repeat work.
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25 Years of Energy & Protection
A Palmetto Finance Plan is a 25-year agreement with the homeowner to provide a clean energy alternative with proactive system monitoring and maintenance and protection automatically included at no extra cost for the length of the agreement!
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Where can I use Palmetto Finance?
Palmetto Finance is currently available in the following states:
• Pennsylvania
• Nevada
• Georgia
• Massachusetts
• Texas
• California
• Florida
Don’t see your state listed here? Stay tuned, we’ll be in more markets soon.

Who can use Palmetto Finance?

There are quality standards on who we work with, so that we can have a lower friction ops and milestone process. Fill out the form below to see if you qualify.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, is a financial arrangement where the customer pays for the electricity generated by the solar system at an agreed-upon rate. A solar PPA is nearly identical to a solar lease, but with this arrangement, the contract you sign sets a fixed price per kWh, lower than what the local utility company charges. With a PPA, the solar leasing companies are fully responsible for the installation and maintenance costs, and you typically don’t pay any upfront fees.

Why do Homeowners choose PPA's?

Here are a few reasons why a customer might choose a PPA
  1. No down payment required, no initial cash output
  2. You don’t want to worry about maintaining the solar equipment 
  3. You want to see year 1 savings 
  4. Control electricity costs: reduce energy costs and hedge against energy price increases 
  5. Predictable monthly payments

Does the home need to be owner occupied?

Homeowners must be the contract signers, but the house doesn’t need to be occupied by them. AKA - second homes & rental properties are in the clear.

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