Our core values inform how we, as a team, work together toward our mission every day.

Customer First

We are conscientious of and empathetic towards the needs of our customers. We take daily action to improve the overall customer experience.

Inclusion & diversity

We are steadfast in our commitment to the advancement of inclusion and diversity of our people, ideas, thoughts, and acts. Mutual respect and embracing differences while connecting us together is the cornerstone of our culture.


We create practices that keep us disciplined in the pursuit of our goals. We favor consistency over intensity.


We build for the future. We set goals and plan backwards to reach them but stay nimble to accommodate and plan for change.


We encourage our employees to focus on their well-being. This holistic approach cultivates our culture of passionate people.


We provide complete transparency to our colleagues, even when it’s uncomfortable. We trust their input and are unafraid to be vulnerable. Feedback helps build character and a better company.
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Our mission

Palmetto is leading the world towards a clean energy feature.
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Vision letter from our founder

“The New Utility is a distributed, decentralized energy source.”
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About Palmetto

Read why and how Palmetto is expanding access to clean energy.