Through clearly and transparently defined organizational principles we provide rationale for decision-making.

Company First

Our success is dependent on working together as a team with openness. Bring radical candor, yet also bring humility and empathy. It’s hard enough to execute given external factors, meaning internal alignment and focus are paramount to success.

Creators of Change

Our mission is to lead the world towards a clean energy future and become the world's largest clean utility company. Cleantech is a blank canvas, and we must be the creators of change when building the tools needed to support the industry’s growth through the lens of a business-to-business platform. To be creators of change and make the impact we seek, we need to observe, analyze, anticipate, and proactively engage in market changes multiple steps ahead of time and adjust accordingly.

First Principles

We are data-oriented people and should think like scientists; we study data and trends and objectively look at what works and does not. We don’t reason or rationalize with analogies. We iterate and learn before we scale. Constantly tested and known to develop data points. While specific cohorts of our people may have tried things, it’s good to question, challenge, and debate with an objective and unbiased perspective.


Energy is local, and we need to organize our company and build our platform business to empower our partners to meet the local market needs of our consumers. Consumers get the best experience & best price when we meet them where they are. This means our organization needs to be designed for agile, quick decision-making aligned with the long-term.

Impact-driven and Result-oriented

Mission-led and expect to make a significant impact on the world, and that means we are focused, executing, and we are dominating. Everyone needs a bias to action. Seek progress over perfection, and let learning drive speed to betterment. Empower agility and decision-making through clearly defined Business Leaders.

Small Teams

We operate small teams with Business Leaders with an uncanny sense of product-market fit and end-user needs. Small Teams work quickly and nimbly to address market opportunities and drive revenue to fund future iterations to build a deeper moat.

It's a Matrix Organization

We work in business partnerships with other divisions. There is a mutual reliance across all divisions and roles that require seamless and consistent execution. There is no room for ego, and we focus on shared success.

Work with Great People

Whether it's a team member fully employed at Palmetto, a third-party vendor, or a strategic business partner, work with great people. Be selective and keep the great ones close, and gracefully step away from the ones that don’t share our values and principles.

Leadership Behavior

Leaders need to live and breathe the values and principles of the organization. Their responsibilities are heavy, and the expectations are high. The rest of the organization is a reflection of leadership. A big part of the CEO’s role is to ensure leadership is held to these standards.
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Our mission

Palmetto is leading the world towards a clean energy feature.
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Vision letter from our founder

“The New Utility is a distributed, decentralized energy source.”
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About Palmetto

Read why and how Palmetto is expanding access to clean energy.