Palmetto exists to mitigate client change. We are leading the world towards a clean energy future.

Our business/financial end game is to aggregate a large amount of high-quality clean energy assets, which means we will be the largest and cleanest utility on the planet. In the aggregation process of Consumers/assets, we are a business-to-business Company. Platform: For our partners, our objective is to build a platform that enables the cleantech industry to scale.
  • Palmetto’s services fill in where needed — and through a technology platform that enables our partners and team to deliver the best service and price possible to our Consumers (i.e., homeowners). To crystalize ‘where’ and ‘when,’ we apply our services, and we are focused on prioritizing our partners. But, right now, we don't see 'anyone' doing it 'right,' nor have we found the playbook to execute it well. We will choose markets where we tackle the 'HERO' market approach and will help educate our partners on the best-in-class delivery model.
  • As a business, we will do this by harnessing deep partnerships across the US (and eventually the world) with companies that can deliver services efficiently and inexpensively to our consumers wherever they are.
  • We deliver through partners. Partners are 'lifeblood' for us.
Marketplace: for our Consumers, we are a marketplace - matching Consumer needs with fulfillment through partners (we are here to service the Consumer even when our partners cannot).
  • We are Consumer-centric, which means meeting consumers where they are — in any sales channel — choosing the partner(s) that are best to fulfill their needs and following through on our commitments to them using either partner services or our services when needed.
  • We service our Consumers for as long as they need, even when our partners cannot see value in it. The most important thing is that we keep it when we commit.
Our top priority is to ensure end-consumers have an overall positive experience, and we ensure that both our partners and our services are focused on that. A happy Consumer base is essential to the growth of our business and our partners because they i) drive referrals, ii) purchase additional cleantech products, and iii) purchase additional services. Ultimately, they are the building blocks of our utility.
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Our mission

Palmetto is leading the world towards a clean energy feature.
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Vision letter from our founder

“The New Utility is a distributed, decentralized energy source.”
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About Palmetto

Read why and how Palmetto is expanding access to clean energy.