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Expand your impact and earnings

With the Ambassador Referral Program, Palmetto employees, customers, and advocates alike can earn up to $1,000 for every referral that goes solar with Palmetto.
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Earn up to $1,000 per installation
Help spread the word on Palmetto clean energy, whether you’re a Palmetto customer or not. With just five minutes and a home address, your friends can design the best solar energy system for their roof based on cost, savings, and impact.
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Use the Ambassador screen in the Palmetto App to text your personal referral link to friends and family.
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Track clicks, installations, and payments directly in the App. You can also view your lifetime earnings and environmental impact.
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Earn $1,000 for every referral that goes solar with Palmetto, paid when the installation is complete.
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Top five reasons to refer a friend to Palmetto Solar
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Expand access to clean energy

Help friends to run their homes less expensively, more efficiently, and with less impact on the planet.

Help friends and family save money

Palmetto customers can save big on their monthly electricity bill, and the cost to go solar has never been lower.
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Protect your local environment

Over 25 years, the average residential solar system will prevent tons of CO2 from reaching our atmosphere.

Engage your community

Clean energy can create jobs, bolster the economy, improve property values, and decrease fossil fuel pollution in your community.
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Earn up to $1,000 per installation

Use your personal referral link to spread the word on Palmetto clean energy and get $1,000 for every solar purchase made with your link.
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Get started in the Palmetto App
Support and feedback from our Sales Partners are critical to fulfilling our mission. If you’re not a Sales Partner and would like to become one, we’d love to get the conversation started. Contact us, and one of our representatives will reach out to you.
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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

The Palmetto Ambassador Referral Program offers a way to send referrals and earn rewards for every solar energy system installed through Palmetto, using your personal referral link. You must have a Palmetto App account to get started. If you don’t yet have an account, see FAQ “How can I access the Palmetto App?” below. In the Palmetto App, tap Ambassador at the bottom of the screen. From here, you can:
  • Share your link with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues
  • Track clicks and installations
  • Watch your referral fees and environmental impact grow with every system installed
Ambassadors earn $1,000 for every referral that purchases and installs solar with Palmetto using your personal referral link, paid when the installation is complete.

I referred a friend to Palmetto but didn’t use my personal referral link. Am I eligible for $1,000?

The Palmetto Ambassador Referral Program launched to customers in January of 2022 and relies on a personal referral link, available through the Palmetto App, to track and credit referrals. Referrals made by any other means—including text, email, word of mouth, and our previous Refer a Friend program—are not eligible for the $1,000 Ambassador referral reward. To receive credit for the sale and be eligible for payment, all purchases must be made from your personal referral link. Please encourage friends and family to follow your link when they’re ready to purchase. Visit the Palmetto Terms and Conditions for more information.

How can I access the Palmetto App?

If you are a Palmetto customer, you should have received a welcome email with instructions on how to activate your account and access the Palmetto App. If you have not received that email at the address you provided to Palmetto, go to and click "Don’t remember your password?" to request a new invitation. If you are a Palmetto employee, you can find instructions, including how to create a Palmetto App account and access Ambassador resources, in Guru. Look for a card titled Palmetto Employee Ambassador Program. If you are not a Palmetto customer or employee, you can still register as a Palmetto Ambassador to access the Palmetto App, send referrals, and earn rewards. Click here to get started.

Why become a Palmetto Ambassador?

As a Palmetto Ambassador, you can spread the word on clean energy from the comfort of your couch, or take your impact even further by getting involved with local businesses and events. Let your community know that you have an easy way to learn about solar - without a salesperson coming into their home and pressuring them to sign. Instead, they’ll receive a simple link from a trusted friend that shows them how solar energy could benefit them and our planet.

To whom should I send a referral?

Send to friends, family, neighbors, colleagues - anyone you know who might benefit from solar, whether they’re in your state or not. Palmetto currently operates in more than 20 states, though availability will depend on location and electricity provider. There are two key requisites: Properties must be residential and your contact must be the homeowner in order to proceed.

Can I edit the text before I hit send?

We’ve included a suggested message to include with your referral link but invite you to personalize as needed. You might note if they have a good home for solar, show how clean energy can help the environment, or reference their savings potential. Make sure to keep it accurate! All communication should be professional, polite, and positive.

How do I know if someone has engaged?

In the Palmetto App, you’ll be able to track visits to your personal referral link and see who’s completed an installation. You’ll also receive an email alert at installation complete, when you get paid!

How will I be paid?

Unless you are a Palmetto employee (in which case, we already have your tax information on hand), you will be prompted to complete a W-9 and create an account through after your first installation is complete. Once your tax and account information is confirmed, your earnings will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Why do I have to complete a W-9?

The Internal Revenue Service requires that all payments above $600 per calendar year must be reported. Once your W-9 is complete, you will be paid $1,000 per attributed installation and receive a 1099 for total fees paid at the end of each year.

How can I increase my referral fees and impact?

The two best ways to increase your referral fees and impact are:
  • Educate yourself about solar
  • Expand your outreach and engagement
Visit Why Solar? for a quick rundown of benefits, incentives, and frequently asked questions. To expand your outreach and engagement, go social! See FAQs "Can I use social media to share my referral link?" and "How can I find new referrals?" below.

Can I use social media to share my referral link?

Social media is one of the best ways to spread the word on Palmetto clean energy. When posting about Palmetto, make sure to include your personal referral link along with some of the benefits of working with Palmetto and going solar. It’s often helpful to share your own experience - why you believe in clean energy, why you chose to go solar, or why you recommend Palmetto over other solar providers. The Palmetto Ambassador Referral Program is an easy way to take action against climate change while helping friends, neighbors, and family to save money. If you’re already active on social media, it can be a great way to spread the word.

What are the expectations?

For every Ambassador and every customer interaction, we hold our values of integrity, collaboration, accountability, communication, and customer satisfaction high. Whether on social media or in person, you always want to be professional, polite, and positive when representing Palmetto. Together, we can lead the world towards a clean energy future.

How can I find new referrals?

Connect with neighbors by joining the NextDoor app, attend neighborhood events, or host your own block party! One of the best times to share the word on clean energy is solar installation day. If you or one of your referrals are having solar installed on your home, consider hosting a celebration so friends and neighbors can see the process and learn more about the benefits of solar.

How much of an environmental impact can I make?

The average solar energy system will produce power for more than 25 years and prevent tons of carbon dioxide from reaching our atmosphere. Imagine the impact you can make every time you help someone take control of their power by installing a solar energy system on their home.

Why Palmetto? What makes you different?

At Palmetto, we believe that clean energy is for everyone and strive to increase access to clean energy solutions by building relationships with customers, Ambassadors, and Build Partners in every community we serve. As a Palmetto Ambassador, you have the opportunity to help transform your neighborhood into an eco-friendly community. All homeowners need to get started is a sunny roof and a recent electric bill from one of our many approved electricity providers.

All referral payouts are paid after the solar installation. To receive credit for the sales and be eligible for payment, all purchases must be made from your personal referral link.