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The words "Cost of solar panels" atop a solar panel with the sun shining and a translucent overlay of a dollar sign
SolarWhat is the Average Cost of Solar Panels? Your Guide to Understanding Solar Panel Cost

Learn the average cost of solar panels, including a pricing breakdown between hard costs like materials and soft costs like installation and labor.

April 5, 2024
The words "advantages of solar energy" within a blue border on top of hundreds of solar panels with a sunrise in the background
SolarSolar Energy Pros and Cons

The top pros and cons you should consider when thinking about solar energy.

April 3, 2024
An image of an asphalt shingle roof with the words "Replacing your roof? Consider solar" in white within a green box.
SolarReplacing Your Roof? Solar Panels Should Be Included

Replacing your roof? It's the best time to go solar! Learn why you should combine your new roof with solar panels, and the perks of doing both together.

March 29, 2024
The words" Solar Net Metering" over a background of electric meters with arrows depicting the reversal of the flow of electricity that happens when rooftop solar owners generate more energy than they can consume so their meter runs backwards
SolarYour Guide to Net Metering for Home Solar

Net metering is a unique billing arrangement in which rooftop solar owners get electricity bill credits for the excess solar energy their panels generate.

March 28, 2024
The words "Oversized Solar Systems" over a close-up image of a solar panel.
SolarOversized Solar Energy Systems: Limits, Benefits, and Considerations

Discover the essentials of solar panel limits and why oversizing your system might be beneficial. Learn how it impacts costs and energy production.

March 12, 2024
The words "Facts About Solar Energy" over an image of a solar-powered home.
SolarOur Top 5 Facts About Solar Energy

Explore the top five facts about solar energy, including installation growth, abundance, cost-effectiveness, visibility, and historical significance.

March 11, 2024
The words "Solar True-Up Payment" over an image of a hand putting a coin into a lightbulb-shaped bank.
SolarWhat is a solar true-up payment?

Learn about solar true-up payments: how they work, when they're made, and how much you can expect. Get insights into solar billing cycles and calculations.

March 8, 2024
The words "Home Solar Feasibility Checklist" over an image of a solar-powered home.
SolarYour Home Solar Feasibility Checklist

Maximize solar energy savings with this rooftop installation checklist. Ensure your home is solar-ready and save money on your electricity bills.

March 4, 2024
The words "Passive Solar Design" over an image of a man adjusting his doors and windows.
SolarThe Palmetto Guide to Passive Solar Design

Discover how passive solar design can reduce energy costs and enhance sustainability at home. Learn key elements and retrofitting techniques.

March 2, 2024