Subscription Solar Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: September 19, 2022

Last Revised On: September 27, 2022

Last Reviewed On: September 19, 2022

1. $60/month for as long as the system is on your roof

2. No upfront fees

3. 2-year minimum term

4. 20-year maximum term

5. Your subscription starts on the first day of Activation, (when you are approved to turn the system on)

6. $2000 Cancellation and removal fee in the first 2 years

* Exception:

* No Cancellation fee in the first 3 months

* No Cancellation fee in the event of no savings in the first year as defined by section 5.

7. UseDaylight is wholly owned by Palmetto Solar LLC, one of the largest and most qualified solar installation companies in the United States. Your contract will be with Palmetto, and they will manage the installation and maintenance of your system.

8. Daylight will be responsible for maintaining and ensuring your system is performing after activation for the duration of your subscription, except as defined in section 15.

9. Unless you are grossly negligent or you intentionally damage the System, Palmetto will bear all of the risk of loss, damage, theft, destruction or similar occurrence to any or all of the System, as defined in Section 13

10. You may pause the subscription in 1-month increments, for a maximum of 3 months at a time and 6 months in a year as defined in section 4(b).

11. The solar system is owned and operated by us, you cannot claim the system as yours for any purpose.

12. You can transfer the system to a new homeowner, by informing us and executing a transfer agreement. Their subscription and terms are the ones set in this contract, and are between Palmetto and the new homeowner..

13. You cannot remove, modify, or perform maintenance to the system without the explicit written authorization from us.

14. You agree not to do anything to the property that would obstruct solar panel exposure to sunlight.

15. Any missed payments by more than 10 days will be considered a default, and we reserve the right to turn the system off or take other appropriate action.