Solar Sales Commission Calculator
Quick and consistent payouts aren't the norm for many solar sales teams.
But at Palmetto we're passionate about getting our solar pros paid as fast as possible. Use this solar sales commission calculator to estimate your potential earnings:
Solar Sales Commission Calculator
System Size (kWh):
Customer price per watt:
Redline price per watt:
How to Calculate Solar Sales Commission
(It's Not as Hard as Some Companies Make It Seem)
Earning with Palmetto is simple to understand.
Our solar commission calculator uses the formula below to give you an idea of your earring potential:
[System size x customer price per watt] - [system size x redline] = your solar sales commission
The system size will vary per customer.
A typical 2,000 sqft. home will have about a 10,000-watt system. The $3/watt price is what customers pay and $2/watt is the redline number, which is our bottom line: anything beyond the redline is your sales profit. Please use the calculator to explore potential earnings.
Here’s an example
You sell a 10,000-watt system, at a cost of $3/watt. Plugging in those numbers gives [10,000 x 3 = 30,000] minus [10,000 x 2 = 20,000] equals a net pay of $10,000.
Other companies complicate this by using additional variables that can be confusing or reduce your commission, including upfront payment percentages, adjustments for assisted sales, or adjustments for total sales volume in a period. At Palmetto, we keep commissions simple so we can pay you quickly, on a commission schedule that's among the industry's best.
In addition to the helpful solar commission calculator, we’ve compiled a breakdown of common commission structures for you. Read on to get the details!
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Solar Commission Structures Explained (See, It Is Easy!)
Redline commission structure
This is the system Palmetto uses, as described above. To dive in a little deeper, the most important variable in calculating sales commissions is the value for the redline or our bottom line. The redline is adjustable in the solar commission calculator above. We try to offer our sales reps the lowest redline possible, so they are able to build in bigger earnings with each sale.
How to Maximize Solar Sales Commissions
If you're working within a full-commission compensation structure, here are five tips to help you maximize your earnings:
Use helpful sales tools
Having a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to help manage your sales pipeline is essential in today's data-driven marketplace. A single platform that sources leads, qualifies prospects, supports sales, and manages follow-ups can provide an advantage that pays off big in boosted sales. Palmetto has engineered the industry's most comprehensive CRM solution with our Energy Intelligence Platform. With end-to-end support for sales operations, our Energy Intelligence Platform helps you better seize market opportunities and close deals faster.
Insist on a fast payment schedule
It doesn't matter how good your payment structure is if you have to wait for your EPC to take its sweet time to payout.  It's your money; make sure you're getting it as fast as possible. How does weekly pay sound? That's better than most salaried jobs, which typically pay bi-weekly or monthly. That's how we do it at Palmetto: we know you work hard for your money, so we work hard to get your money to you fast!
Look for upsell opportunities
Have a conversation with your customers about their clean energy goals and look for opportunities to tailor a larger system commitment to meet them. Customers may hesitate at higher monthly prices, but remind them that this can mean energy savings for them in the long run—that's the advantage of solar! This is another job for our Energy Intelligence Platform! With data insights at your fingertips and the ability to create smart sales presentations, you have a powerful tool to gain the trust and enthusiasm needed to claim upsell opportunities.
Focus on “hot” neighborhoods
Sell more, earn more. A study from Yale University discovered that solar adoption can be contagious. When one home in a neighborhood goes solar, more are primed to follow. It's just a matter of finding which neighborhoods are “hot.”Your data advantage with Palmetto extends to neighborhood tracking. Energy Intelligence Platform lets you assess, segment, and target leads using solar, building, market, and local data. You're able to continuously find which neighborhoods are hot.
Keep a strong follow-up game
Referrals are a great way to keep your pipeline filled with high-quality leads. Timing is everything when it comes to referrals: you have to choose the right moment to follow up to optimize your ability to win referrals. The honeymoon period right after installation is the perfect time to make that ask. Satisfied customers are a great source for referrals and Palmetto is a great source of satisfied customers. We have a proven track record for delighting our customers with exceptional service, a great product, and a successful clean energy journey.

What kind of organizational support can I expect working with Palmetto?

You will receive full access to Palmetto's Energy Intelligence Platform, which is custom designed to streamline and automate every step of the solar sales process. With a 360-degree view of your entire solar operation and sales pipeline, you will be able to scale operations easily, unlock market potential, close deals faster, and get paid quickly. We also provide 1:1 mentoring support from proven solar sales experts, who are eager to share insights that lead to faster sales.

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