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All Palmetto solar installations feature premium, solid black solar panels assembled in the USA.
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A Palmetto solar installer, giving the thumbs up next to a solar panel assembled in the USA.
Industry-leading, best-in-class solar panel features
The equipment your solar panel system uses matters, which is why Palmetto works exclusively with solar panel manufacturers that ensure long-term quality, efficiency, and stability.
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25-year product warranty on all panels
Protects against defects, equipment failure, and environmental issues
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25-year linear performance guarantee
Ensures a baseline power output over the lifetime of your panels
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Efficiency rating greater than 19.8%
Optimizes performance by converting more of the sun's energy into usable electricity
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Palmetto Premium Panel (PPP) certification
Backs your investment with Palmetto’s quality, inspection, and approval standards
Assembled in the USA
We partner with the industry’s top solar panel manufacturers and source our panels from U.S. factories, including Mission Solar in San Antonio, Texas, and Qcells in Whitfield County, Georgia.

Protect Your Panels

Palmetto Protect offers proactive monitoring, intelligent issue detection, long-term service and support, and an available 95% Performance Guarantee, so your panels can run at peak efficiency and your mind can rest at ease.
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See how much you can benefit by going solar with Palmetto
What's your monthly electric bill amount?
See how much you can benefit by going solar with Palmetto.
What's your monthly electric bill amount?
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How long do panels last?
Solar panels can power your home for an average of 25 to 30 years or more.
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Frequently asked questions

Are Palmetto solar panels made in the USA?

Palmetto works exclusively with clean technology manufacturers that assemble and ship their solar panels from U.S. factories. While the solar panels may include parts that are manufactured abroad (such as solar cells, which are typically not made in the U.S.) they help foster domestic jobs and economies in clean energy, and reduce our carbon footprint when shipping panels to your home.

What is the Palmetto Premium Panel (PPP) certification?

All panels that Palmetto uses must meet a set of pre-determined quality standards, and pass an inspection and approval process before we include them in our equipment bundles.

What does efficiency rating mean?

Solar panel efficiency is a measurement of how well solar panels are able to convert sunlight into usable electricity. Efficiency depends upon factors like materials, wiring, reflectivity, age, and temperature. Palmetto uses some of the most efficient solar panels in the market today (greater than 19.8%) to maximize your solar production and increase your offset.

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