Why Palmetto

Take the Guesswork out of Solar Energy Savings

Many homeowners are interested in clean energy but aren’t sure if solar is worth the investment. Others have invested and been left with complex technologies and no support. That’s where Palmetto comes in. We’re taking the guesswork and the risk out of clean energy savings by offering end-to-end solutions that save you time and money.

End-to-End Solutions

From designing the ideal system for your home, through decades of maintenance, tracking, system optimization and support, we’re in your corner every step of the way.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our dedicated customer care team is always one-click away, and will work on your behalf to address issues, increase efficiency and boost savings.

Exclusive Partnerships

We vet and partner with the best in the industry to ensure superior technology, service and rewards.

Record of Reliability

Since 2009, Palmetto has helped thousands of homeowners reduce their reliance on the grid, access clean solar energy, and grow their savings with little effort and great returns.

We always go back to our north star—what is right by the customer.

Chris Kemper

Founder & CEO

We are going to move heaven and earth to ensure we deliver the best possible customer experience.

Sean Hayes


Three Steps to Solar Savings

Palmetto is Solar Savings, Simplified. Our three-step process is designed to get you up and running so you can plug into savings with less time and no hassle. Here’s how it works:


See how much you could save

Get a custom quote in less than 5 minutes with Palmetto’s solar savings estimator.


Let us make it happen

Together, we’ll define a solution to maximize your savings. Then, we’ll make it happen! From survey and design to permitting and installation—we manage the details so you don’t have to.


Tap into lifetime savings and support

With ongoing support, maintenance and monitoring plus our optional Palmetto Protect program, you can count on risk-free savings with Palmetto.

Estimate your savings

Solar Savings, Simplified.

We manage every aspect of solar energy savings so you can save more, earn more, with less time, and dedicated support.
FinancingRebates & IncentivesSurvey, Design & EngineeringPermittingInstallationActive System MonitoringIntuitive User AppMaintenanceExtended Protection

Join us

We partner with the best in the industry to cultivate a future powered by solar. Energize your career and grow your business:

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Track Your Savings with the Palmetto App

Track Your Savings with the Palmetto App

The Palmetto App puts solar savings in the palm of your hand. Track system performance and energy consumption by day, week or month. Get real-time alerts, review historical data, and tap into Palmetto’s clean energy incentive programs. With an intuitive user dashboard and one-click customer support, it’s easy to track your goals and boost your results.
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Palmetto Protect

With active system monitoring, dedicated customer support and exclusive discounts on maintenance, products and services, Palmetto Protect offers the coverage you need for the confidence you want.

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