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Smoothing the Sales Journey: How Palmetto Helps You Sell More Solar Panels with Fewer Hassles

publishedDateLabelAugust 25, 2023
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When You Have the Right Partner, Removing Barriers to Your Success Is Easier than You Think
Simplify Your Day-to-Day Operations with Palmetto's Sales Platform
Improve Customers' Experience with Palmetto's Transparency & Industry-Leading Reputation
Transparent pricing & exceptional service
What people are saying about Palmetto
Palmetto delivers real benefits—experience a partnership that advances your career
Palmetto partner testimonials
Unlock New Sales Opportunities with Palmetto's Network & Support
Build your knowledge with Palmetto's solar sales resource library
Grow from the Career You Have to the Career You Deserve with Palmetto

Boosting your sales volume requires a process that is efficient, repeatable, and consistent. Palmetto is a partner you can rely on for support that makes selling faster, easier, and better—here's how to supercharge your career.

When You Have the Right Partner, Removing Barriers to Your Success Is Easier than You Think

As an experienced and proven solar sales professional, it's safe to say you know what success looks like and how to get there. You also know what the common frustrations and hassles are that you could use help resolving:

  • Unqualified leads that are unlikely to qualify or convert
  • Complex workflows that destroy your time & energy
  • Long sales cycles that clog your pipeline
  • Project delays that irritate customers into changing or canceling orders
  • Poor customer satisfaction that closes the door on referrals

If these scenarios sound all-to-familiar, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. At Palmetto, we've engineered a better way for pros like you to close solar sales. Our support unlocks a process that is faster and easier, with powerful data tools and workflow resources.

Our approach is simple: we give you the support and tools you need to sell to your full potential. We don't stand in your way, and in fact we help make your journey with customers easier. Our reputation as one of the most innovative and trusted EPC solar organizations makes us a valuable partner in your journey within the industry.

Here's a closer look at how Palmetto helps you to be more effective and efficient in selling solar panels, meet higher earnings goals faster, and evolve your business to be what it deserves.

Simplify Your Day-to-Day Operations with Palmetto's Sales Platform

At Palmetto Solar, support to sell more solar panels begins with our powerful and exclusive customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Energy Intelligence. This innovative machine learning application provides a 360-degree view into your entire workflow, with centralized support, data management and collaboration tools, and robust data-generated insights that reduce wasted time and effort.

Here's what support from Palmetto looks like at some of the most essential phases of your sales process:

Targeting leads. Palmetto's Smart Canvas tool enables you to generate curated lists of prime solar candidates in a given area by applying various filters such as minimum solar capacity, footprint size, and property type. With access to free property information for up to 200 homes each week, users can efficiently locate and target the best potential solar homes, enhancing their strategic approach to solar sales.

Engaging prospects. Palmetto's Sales Platform puts everything you need at your fingertips to successfully begin the clean energy conversation and generate enthusiasm amongst your prospects. Data tools support your ability to nurture sales at scale and keep your pipeline filled and moving.

Designing systems & generating quotes. Solar panel sales presentations can be a time sink, but not when you're a Palmetto partner. We have a roster of powerful tools that allow you to create presentations that are genuinely customized for each prospect. Data visualization transforms numbers into impactful pictures. CAD tools demonstrate precise panel configurations and placement. Our quote generator puts it all together in a compelling package that makes getting to “Yes!” faster and easier.

Financing options. Palmetto partners with many of the nation's largest lenders to provide multiple financing solutions to customers, including options for solar panel purchase, solar panel lease, and power purchase agreements (PPA).. Working with a variety of lenders helps drive down costs and we provide personalized service that makes customers feel that they're protected and able to receive optimal value for their clean energy investment. 

Closing sales. Long sales cycles can kill your earnings potential. Palmetto gives you the support you need to overcome objections and march that final mile to close the sale. Our team of experienced sales pros is also available for 1:1 mentoring support, so you can gain insights into proven best practices for closing the deal. By delivering value across the sales process, we condense the sales cycle and get you to the finish line quicker—now you're earning faster and growing your career!

Fulfilling orders. Palmetto has earned a reputation for constantly improving installation times and order fulfillments. Top-to-bottom process automation, improved workflows, and rapid turnaround times cut our average installation time by 37 days. Faster installs mean improved customer satisfaction, which makes it easier for you to source leads and referrals. It also means you get paid faster—we're among the fastest paying EPC solar organizations in the industry!

Tracking operations. Palmetto's Sales Platform streamlines and automates tracking across all operations: this is the 360-degree view that generates insights for continuous improvement. Leads, prospects, customers, referrals—Palmetto's Sales Platform tracks your entire pipeline end-to-end. With additional support for communication and collaboration, it's like having an entire team at your disposal to keep your business running at peak efficiency.

Less administrative work, more effective sales, a higher level of control over your operations, a better path for earnings and career growth—with Palmetto, it's all possible!

Improve Customers' Experience with Palmetto's Transparency & Industry-Leading Reputation

Consumer trust and credibility issues in solar panel sales are factors every salesperson has to face. Customers bombarded with misinformation, the need to explain new technologies, and resistance to change can make it seem like the cards are stacked against you.

Palmetto understands the challenges baked into the sales landscape and we work hard to help you overcome them. How? By making our company stand out for trust and credibility, so that our industry leadership is something that helps you gain prospects, win over customers, and close sales.

Transparent pricing & exceptional service

More than 80% of Palmetto customers finance their solar energy system with no money down. Transparent pricing is key to helping customers put their trust in us: we can outline system costs, monthly savings, and loan payments that show precisely how their investment impacts their spending and delivers value.

When you're partnered with Palmetto, you can tell your prospects that they'll have a dedicated project coordinator for their installation. From contract to power, concierge-style service and a single point of contact for questions and support is a powerful enticement that makes confidence and credibility winning parts of your sales pitch.

What people are saying about Palmetto

Our recent industry reviews speak volumes about our superior reputation for product quality and customer service:

“Palmetto Solar is one of the 10 largest solar companies in the country. It stakes a claim to transparency and offers a choice of quality equipment, making it one of the more attractive choices on the market. Palmetto offers the most popular panels for residential uses and strong battery choices.”CNET, “Palmetto: Best Company for Customer Service.”

“A forward-thinking, tech-first solar company providing a suite of proprietary solutions for installing, monitoring, and maintaining solar power solutions.”Inc.com, “2022 Power Partner Awards.”

“Palmetto Solar stands out for its commitment to service after the installation work is complete by providing various monitoring and maintenance agreements with its customers.”Forbes, “The 9 Best Solar Panel Installation Companies of 2023.”

Those reviews are backed by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau—you can show customers that we have loyal fans everywhere we operate!

Palmetto delivers real benefits—experience a partnership that advances your career

The customer-based benefits of partnering with Palmetto as one of our solar panel sales pros are simple to understand:

  • More conversions equals higher earnings. Easier & faster conversions pay off big, allowing you to earn to your full potential;
  • Better customer experience reduces hassles. Happy customers don't change or cancel their orders;
  • Better customer experience also means more referrals. Customer referrals keep your pipeline filled with high quality leads.

Palmetto partner testimonials

Absolutely perfect performance from Palmetto. My clients live down the street from me, so completing clean jobs is important to me.

  • Steve B., Pennsylvania

Palmetto's response time is amazing. Any problems are addressed accurately, and their reps are patient with me to ensure proper understanding from both sides. Courteous and professional.

  • Allan H., Nevada 

Great experience for my team and homeowners overall. Wait time has been reasonable, and the whole process is made easy with the platform.

  • Edgar C., Pennsylvania

This company is great. All of the online tools are easy to use.

  • Anthony G., Florida

Unlock New Sales Opportunities with Palmetto's Network & Support

At Palmetto, we prioritize supporting our solar sales professionals with solutions to expand their reach and grow their business. When we say we want it to be easier and faster for you to sell more, we mean it! Our approach is custom-tuned to help you:

  • Streamline your business operations with powerful marketing tools & resources, so you can build relationships.
  • Focus on enhancing customer experiences, to optimize & reduce sales cycles.
  • Reach customers across all points of contact & channels.
  • Free up your time with process automation that helps you sell more, earn faster & accelerate your career.

Access to one of the nation's largest solar networks. Our National Fulfillment Network, a logistics platform built to provide a localized solar experience, is connecting homeowners with the clean energy economy in communities across the United States.

Comprehensive marketing tools & resources. We provide the opportunities, resources, and support sales pros need to close solar sales. Having the right tools for the job raises the bar on your ability to earn.

Training & consulting services. Our roster of proven solar sales experts can help prime your success, with 1:1 support that delivers clean energy sales knowledge, tips, strategies, and insights.

Customization options. Build your team the way that works best for you. Our platforms and processes are customizable and modular, you can add support and capabilities—marketing, operations, data, and more—where you need them most.

Build your knowledge with Palmetto's solar sales resource library

To learn more about how Palmetto rewards its solar sales professionals with unique opportunities for higher earnings, faster payments, and career growth, be sure to check out our other sales resources:

Grow from the Career You Have to the Career You Deserve with Palmetto

At Palmetto, our core mission is to make clean, sustainable, and affordable energy available to everyone. That journey requires the help of talented and committed salespersons—we're making it worthwhile to be part of our winning team.

Palmetto's approach understands that your sales experience and skills can be optimized with a finely-tuned, intelligent process. You can trust us to:

  • Provide an ideal mix of support, accountability & autonomy, so you can scale your business on your own terms
  • Simplify your-day-to-day & remove pipeline bottlenecks, allowing you to focus on selling
  • Give customers an outstanding customer experience, so they're motivated to convert, remain loyal & provide referrals

Ready to discover what real success looks like? Visit our Palmetto Sales Partner page to learn more. If you're ready to take the next step, fill out the form on that page to contact us today. Our Sales Partner Team will reach out to talk with you about opportunities at Palmetto, as well as show you around our platform and demonstrate how it can be a game-changer for your ability to grow your career.

Palmetto is excited to help you generate happier customers. Don't miss this opportunity to join one of the nation's best EPC solar organizations—let's work together and unlock your full earnings potential!

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