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Maximize Your Solar Sales Potential with Palmetto's Sales Platform

publishedDateLabelAugust 25, 2023
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Solar Opportunities Continue Growing… So What's Bottlenecking Your Sales?
Get More Done, with Less: Palmetto's Sales Platform Automates & Streamlines the Solar Sales Process
Build Better Sales Relationships: How Our Platform Enhances the Customer Experience
Deliver personalized & professional service
Create interactive & accurate proposals to share online or as a PDF
Customer testimonials
The Time Is Now—Joining Palmetto's Network of Solar Sales Professionals Is Fast & Easy
Get a running start with support from solar sales experts
Learn more about becoming a Palmetto sales partner
Partnering with Palmetto Raises Your Sales Ceiling

Solar Opportunities Continue Growing… So What's Bottlenecking Your Sales?

Every business metric available highlights the continued growth and diversification of the solar power marketplace:

  • Nearly $33 billion private investment in the American economy, as of 2021
  • Installation costs have fallen by half since 2012, spurring expansion
  • Half of all states have now installed 1 GW or more
  • 2022 marked the sixth consecutive record year for residential installations

Solar sales professionals have tremendous (maybe unparalleled!) earning opportunities, now and for the foreseeable future. So what's making it harder to close?

Sales pros are being challenged to meet the time and resource requirements of a maturing marketplace. If you're finding yourself stuck behind a computer screen trying to manage your sales pipeline, instead of in front of customers answering questions and closing sales, you're not alone. Making the process faster, simpler, and more efficient is a struggle that's impacting solar sales people everywhere.

Palmetto Solar understands your struggle and we've engineered solutions to maximize sales potential. At Palmetto, we operate closely with our sales teams, within a partnership framework that supports them with powerful technology tools and resources. Our innovative customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Alchemy, is precisely engineered to help you:

  • Automate & streamline the sales process, so you can focus on relationships
  • Enhance customer experiences, for easier & faster sales
  • Easily create customized, interactive proposals for prospects
  • Communicate with customers easily across all points of contact & channels
  • Sell more, earn faster & accelerate your career

Here's what it looks like to have a technology platform on your side that simplifies your day-to-day, improves the customer experience, and maximizes your ability to sell and earn.

Get More Done, with Less: Palmetto's Sales Platform Automates & Streamlines the Solar Sales Process

To maximize your earnings potential, you need powerful tools and resources on your side that make the sales process more efficient and capable. Palmetto's Sales Platform makes your job easier, faster, and more rewarding. Our platform is the only one in the industry that delivers solutions at every point in the sales process:

  • Mapdwell. Market planning and identification of net zero opportunities makes it easier and faster to find the right customers. Instead of sifting through reams of unstructured data and checking Google Maps to find leads, Mapdwell puts all the numbers and facts right in front of you. Now you know where to find your ideal customers and how to begin the conversation about their solar energy potential.
  • Simplify & Automate. Automation features elevate Palmetto's Sales Platform into a must-have difference maker. Surveys and forms help manage lead generation at volume, send customer updates and notifications automatically, program marketing initiatives, instantly share sales data for accounting, and more. Palmetto's Sales Platform removes your most tedious workflow burdens.
  • Robust Data. With full solar, building, marketplace, and local data at your fingertips, you can assess, segment, and target without spending hours laboring over the numbers. Data generated from Palmetto’s platform is quickly sortable and shareable, so you can customize modeling, grid readiness, and net zero for each customer.
  • Connect with Customers. Effectively transform your audience into qualified clean energy leads. Palmetto's Sales Platform's powerful modeling tools can visualize panel designs and create presentations that are shareable online or through PDF. Review education materials with prospects, then let them try our savings calculator. For customers, provide them with dedicated project coordinators and personalized, automated updates throughout the process. We foster a community of happy and satisfied customers who are enthusiastic about referring our services to others!
  • Versatile Integration. Palmetto's Sales Platform can be integrated with your existing digital and sales process solutions, including other data tools from Palmetto. Streamline your workflows by combining lead generation, accounting, messaging, team collaboration, and more.
  • Impact Every Step. Each stage in your process—target, engage, quote, design, finance, close, fulfill—benefits from Palmetto's Sales Platform's capabilities to collect, manage, and share data. It's the solar industry's most powerful platform for sales optimization, and it's only at Palmetto.

Being stuck in front of a computer managing your day-to-day is not only a huge resource drain, it also takes you away from what you do best: selling! There's nothing more mission-critical to earning than being in front of customers—Palmetto's Sales Platform is the platform that can get you away from sales prep and back into sales closing.

Build Better Sales Relationships: How Our Platform Enhances the Customer Experience

Customer experience is the heart of sales: customers are more likely to respond if you can connect in a way that's both highly relevant and convincingly personal. Palmetto's platform helps you build connections that pay off in maximized sales potential. Here's what you're empowered to do when you're part of our team:

Deliver personalized & professional service

Palmetto's Sales Platform's custom digital sales funnel provides you with a clear framework to streamline each customer's journey. With data that allows you to fully understand where they are and what inspires them to make a change, you can begin the clean energy conversation with a personally appealing destination in mind—we allow you to explain program features and benefits in a way that is uniquely compelling and makes sense.

Palmetto's platform's data insights empower you to be each customer's personal solar power knowledge expert, so that your interactions with them are more insightful, expertise-driven, and powerful.

Create interactive & accurate proposals to share online or as a PDF

Sales presentations can be tricky even for experienced solar sales pros, and the work that goes into them eats into time facing prospects. However, presentations are essential to accurately demonstrate program savings, green impact, and how solar can meet homeowners’ needs.

Palmetto's platform lets you quickly and easily create highly customized presentations that connect with prospects and smooth the path toward a sale:

  • System visualization tools & advanced CAD applications create a clear picture of panel configurations & placement
  • Extensive in-house library of customer education content provides data that answers questions & overcomes objections
  • Interactive solar tools & calculators keep prospects participating in the conversation
  • Instant quotes are a tool to nurture leads & convert prospects
  • Proprietary data personalizes the customer experience with highly accurate  estimated customer savings

Powerful presentations, driven by Palmetto's platform's advanced data and modeling capabilities, are another way that Palmetto supports you to sell to your full potential—we're passionate about shortening and enhancing your sales cycle, for a shorter runway toward maximized earnings.

Customer testimonials

“After years of sifting and sorting through all the confusing proposals, these were the first people who made sense, and now I can save some cents (dollars).” – Mark S.D., Homeowner

“It’s pretty rare to have a company that cares so much about their customers—that really carried us through from the beginning all the way to the end. And even after those panels are put on, they’re still very much involved.” – Scott, Homeowner

The Time Is Now—Joining Palmetto's Network of Solar Sales Professionals Is Fast & Easy

At Palmetto, we're growing a community of dedicated sales professionals who are helping homeowners achieve a more responsible and affordable clean energy future. Interested in joining a team that's redefining success for solar sales? Here's what you need to know.

Joining Palmetto is fast and easy, your journey begins with only three simple steps:

1. Schedule a call. There's a contact form below—fill it out to schedule a call with our Partner Specialist team, to begin a conversation about our potential future together.

2. Sign our partner agreement. Once we've talked and decided we're a great fit for each other, we'll forward  a contract within 48 hours of beginning the onboarding process. Congratulations, this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship!

3. Get Palmetto certified. Our Partner Training Program is custom-tailored to fast-track the path to closing your first deal. It's self-paced and can be completed very quickly—we want to get you started as soon as you're ready.

That's it! Now you're primed to start selling and get your Palmetto career off to a winning start.

Get a running start with support from solar sales experts

But that's not the end of how we make being on our team the path to an easier and more rewarding sales career. When you join Palmetto, you gain access to one of our most valuable resources: a roster of proven solar sales experts.

You'll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to prime your success. This is a proven sales vet who can help you understand the market, navigate challenges, and drive continuing sales growth. Come to them with your questions and you'll get back insights that will hone your approach to customers and sales:

  • Tips for saving time & hassle with qualifying leads
  • Strategies to successfully manage your sales pipeline
  • Answers for when a prospect asks, “Why is Palmetto the best fit for my solar needs?”
  • Insights that help you close faster

1:1 mentoring and support is essential to help you do what matters most: close deals. Palmetto gives you the internal personnel resources you need to perform to your highest potential.

Learn more about becoming a Palmetto sales partner

There's an opportunity here for us to become a great team! Have questions about joining our network of solar sales professionals, or want to learn more? Visit our Sales Partner page to get an overview of everything we're looking for and offering, along with professional resources to help you develop your sales career no matter what you decide. There's a link to ask questions and begin a conversation about what your career at Palmetto could look like.

Please reach out—we're here to turn your “What if?” into what is.

Partnering with Palmetto Raises Your Sales Ceiling

Palmetto is revolutionizing the solar journey for residential customers, making sustainable energy accessible and affordable for everyone. While we strive to connect with millions of families and require your assistance to reach them, we equally prioritize our commitment to supporting you with:

  • 360-degree view of your sales pipeline
  • Streamlined workflows for lead generation, qualifications, application processing, follow ups & referrals
  • Automated customer management
  • Faster sales cycles & accelerated closing

You really have to see it in action to appreciate how Palmetto’s platform can optimize your sales process—ready to talk?

Let's have a conversation about working together to make clean energy smarter and more accessible. Our promise to you is that we'll also work together to make your sales faster, simpler, and more rewarding. Visit our Palmetto Sales Partner page to learn more—it's the first step toward energizing your career and maximizing your sales potential.

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