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Accelerate Your Earnings with Palmetto's Optimized Payment Structure for Commissions

August 25, 2023
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You Did Your Job, Now It's Time for Your Solar Company To Do Theirs… So Why Aren't You Getting Paid?
How Palmetto's Payment Structure Works—This Is What a Good Partnership Looks Like!
Making payments simpler & faster
What Are the Benefits of Palmetto's Payment Structure for Solar Salespersons?
Palmetto partner testimonials
Ready to Earn Faster? Here's How You Can Join Palmetto's Network of Solar Sales Professionals
Prime your earnings potential with dedicated personal support
Learn more about becoming a Palmetto sales partner
Palmetto Makes Sure You're Rewarded for Success

Many solar companies make big promises to their sales professionals, but drag their feet when it comes time to pay. Tired of waiting for your share? Palmetto offers a payment structure that is easy-to-understand, consistent, and fast.

You Did Your Job, Now It's Time for Your Solar Company To Do Theirs… So Why Aren't You Getting Paid?

Solar companies sometimes stand in the way of their own success, which means the sales professionals who are their partners can suffer. Take the recent example of a company that is being blamed for intentionally slow-rolling its meter installations:

“[...] the delay is impacting hundreds of customers, who are paying for systems they can't use. Meanwhile [...] companies are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because most of them aren't paid for installations until energy is flowing through them.”

What's left unsaid is that there's another victim here: the sales pros who don't receive their commissions until the contracts are activated and generating revenue. It's one facet of a larger problem: solar companies make big commission promises, but can game their own system in ways that prevent solar salespersons from earning in a way that's consistent and timely.

Other common organizational headaches for sales pros include:

  • Long sales cycles
  • Complex commissions structures
  • Hidden fees
  • Poor customer satisfaction that leads to change orders & cancellations

At Palmetto, we understand that there's a better way, one that treats our salespersons like true partners. We have tremendous respect for our sales teams and that appreciation is demonstrated by more than words: we reward them with a payment structure that is simple, transparent, and accelerates their earnings.

Interested in a sales career that features faster payouts and better satisfaction? Here's a closer look at Palmetto's payment structure, how it's tailored to benefit high-performing sales pros like yourself, and how you can become part of our winning team.

How Palmetto's Payment Structure Works—This Is What a Good Partnership Looks Like!

Getting paid when you're a Palmetto partner is intentionally simple and can be explained in only three steps, or you can use our solar sales commission calculator:

  • Average System Size (kWh) is 10
  • Customer price per watt is $3.00
  • Redline price per watt is $2.00

In the following scenario, your solar sales commission would be $10,000.

Making payments simpler & faster

Simpler is just a matter of making the process easy-to-understand and transparent. Our formula is simple, reliable, and builds trust because it works as expected: you do great work and then you earn a great reward!

But how can Palmetto actually accelerate payments? We've put a lot of work into building a technology infrastructure that optimizes the sales process, making the journey for customers easier and better. Our Clean Energy Software Program is garnering a lot of industry attention:

“[...] Palmetto reported improved process times and customer satisfaction ratings. Notably, Palmetto said the speed to installation was streamlined with automation, improved workflows and better turnaround times. This resulted in systems getting installed 37 days faster than previous averages, said Palmetto.

Palmetto also reported a 37% increase in customers reporting they were likely to refer the product to friends or family, and a 5% decline in change orders and cancellations due to operational inefficiencies. Year-over-year, Palmetto’s total installations grew 75%, and its system activations increased 82% year-over-year.”

Installations performed 37 days faster means you're getting paid five weeks ahead of schedule... sound good? And we're continuously improving our platform, so as the industry evolves you can expect Palmetto to keep pace and maintain its leadership in getting commissions paid to our salespersons faster than anyone else.

What Are the Benefits of Palmetto's Payment Structure for Solar Salespersons?

There's no getting around it—money matters! One of our most important goals in how we've built our payment structure is keeping sales pros motivated, satisfied, and able to grow in their careers. Here are three important benefits to Palmetto's payment structure:

1. Transparency that builds cash flow stability. Solar commission structures have evolved into a haphazard collection of complex formulas that vary from organization to organization. It requires a PhD in finance to understand how and when you might get paid:

  • Are you being paid per the overall contract price, or a percentage of margin?
  • What's “average” if your base commission rate is based on average solar system size?
  • What are the incentive multipliers & when do they kick in?
  • Is your company using margin splits above base... what does that even mean???

At Palmetto, our payment structure is not rocket science, just great value. That means you have a clear understanding of how your work translates into earnings, for ultimate cash flow stability. You can focus on your sales mission, without having to wonder how it pays off for you.

2. Consistency that supports predictability & satisfaction. Having predictability in your earnings makes everything easier. There are always ups-and-downs in any sales job, but Palmetto's simple and reliable payment structure makes it easier to consistently earn to your full potential.

Palmetto doesn't place artificial barriers in the way of your sales. We let you be the expert at what you do best: connecting with customers about solar power and closing sales that make them part of a clean energy future—that's a win for everyone.

3. Fast payments that make your life easier & better. Most important of all, we get payments out quickly: Palmetto doesn't hold onto the money you earn. We understand it's frustrating when you do your job perfectly, close a sale, and then are forced to wait some arbitrary amount of time before your company rewards you for your hard work.

With Palmetto, your first payment arrives on contract signing—it doesn't get any faster and there's no better feeling than having that money come through immediately. The remainder is yours on installation and we come through for you again by engineering solutions to reduce install times: automation, improved workflows, and better turnaround times cut the average installation by 37 days—as we noted above, you could receive the money you've earned five weeks ahead of schedule!

And here's an extra little bonus for you. Faster installs also mean improved customer satisfaction, which makes it easier for you to source leads and referrals: Remember the facts: Palmetto customers are 37% more likely to refer friends or family, and 5% less likely to change or cancel orders. Those are numbers that end up paying off for you!

Palmetto partner testimonials

Was very impressed with the short time frame. I went to the install and the crew was top notch, professional and got a two day job done in one. 

  • James L., South Carolina

You guys got the job done, amazing! A two month timeline to install, and professional process. I’m so impressed. Thank you for being patient with my daily requests for updates. Truly a pleasure to work with you all. 

  • Habrom A., Massachusetts

Palmetto is a good fit for my style of selling solar.

  • Raymond R., Massachusetts 

Everything was taken care of quickly and according to the timeline laid out. The installation team was great, they left behind zero scraps or trash and were very friendly.

  • Jacob V., Georgia

Ready to Earn Faster? Here's How You Can Join Palmetto's Network of Solar Sales Professionals

Palmetto is growing and we're looking to add experienced, dedicated sales professionals just like you to our team. Interested in helping us successfully guide homeowners toward their clean energy future? We make it easy to get started, with only three simple steps:

1. Schedule a call. Complete the contact form below to schedule a call with our Partner Specialist team. That introduction will begin a conversation about our potential future working together.

2. Sign our partner agreement. Once we've talked and decided we're a great fit for each other, we'll forward  a contract within 48 hours of beginning the onboarding process. We're excited to begin a very rewarding relationship!

3. Get Palmetto certified. We've streamlined our Partner Training Program to fast-track a path to closing your first deal. It's self-paced and can be completed very quickly—we're ready to get started as soon as you are.

That's all we need. Everything is in place for you to start selling and begin a beautiful relationship with Palmetto!

Prime your earnings potential with dedicated personal support

At Palmetto, we utilize an approach that optimizes your ability to sell. When you're part of our team, you gain access to our roster of proven solar sales experts, who will support you with insights that help you sell more, faster.

You will enjoy the services of a dedicated Account Manager, a proven sales professional who can help you understand the evolving solar market, navigate challenges, and deliver actionable advice in real-time, including:

  • Tips for saving time & hassles with qualifying leads
  • Strategies to successfully manage your sales pipeline
  • Answers for when a prospect asks, “Why is Palmetto the best fit for my solar needs?”
  • Insights that help you close faster

Palmetto's 1:1 sales mentoring and support is unique in the industry and represents our commitment to help you do what matters most: close sales. We provide you the personalized support and professional resources you need to grow your career and earn to your highest potential.

We also prime your success with our powerful Sales Platform, which automates and streamlines critical processes across the entire sales cycle. Get details on how our tools help you close solar sales better and faster in our companion article “Maximize Your Solar Sales Potential with Palmetto's Energy Intelligence Platform.”

Learn more about becoming a Palmetto sales partner

Visit our Sales Partner page to learn more. It's an inside peek at what we're looking for, what we're offering, and how you can benefit. You can ask questions and access our library of solar sales resources that can help you develop your sales career, no matter what you decide.

Let's talk—you have an opportunity to accelerate your sales earnings and we're here to make that happen!

Palmetto Makes Sure You're Rewarded for Success

Palmetto is inspired by the goal of making solar available for everyone. There are millions of families out there who can benefit from access to clean, sustainable, and affordable energy. We need your help to reach them and we're committed to a partnership that makes your job easier and more rewarding.

As a solar sales professional, you've built a roster of invaluable skills and industry knowledge that should be appropriately recognized and rewarded. You have the ability to choose your destiny and work with a partner who:

  • Supports you with resources & assets that make your job easier
  • Allows you to earn to your full potential & pays quickly
  • Creates a framework to grow your career.

You can unlock unique opportunities for sales success and career growth when you partner with Palmetto. From building client relationships to solving business challenges at an industry level, we provide you with the resources and support you need to truly thrive.

Ready to discover what real success looks like? Visit our Palmetto Sales Partner page to learn more—it's the easiest way to begin a conversation about working together. We're excited to explore what the future holds!

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