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Level Up Your Solar Sales: Explore the Benefits of Partnering with Palmetto

Be proactive and commit to building the sales career that reflects your hard work, knowledge, and dedication. Palmetto allows you to achieve at a higher level, with support that delivers faster sales cycles, higher income potential, and accelerated professional growth.

It's Difficult to Achieve Your Career Goals Without the Right Partner—Is Your EPC Organization Holding You Back?

Do you want to expand your sales business and boost your income in 2023? We're going to assume your answer is “Yes!” Good, because Palmetto Solar is the ideal partner to help you achieve that goal and the journey can be easier and faster than you think.

That question had an easy answer, however building your career in solar sales requires more than just having a goal in mind. As a high-performing solar sales professional, it's essential that you're partnered with an organization that supports you to succeed to your full capabilities.

In practice, many sales pros find out the hard way that their success is bottlenecked by their organization. If you've suffered through trying to make sales within an inefficient or resource-deprived process, you know what we're talking about.

Palmetto is different. Our sales-friendly approach is powered by a platform that makes selling solar easier, faster, and more rewarding for our salespeople:

  • Pre-qualified leads that are primed to convert
  • Automated workflows that remove burdens from your day-to-day
  • Faster, easier sales cycles that boost your ability to earn
  • Expedited install times that thrill customers & fast-track your payouts
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction that generates abundant leads & referrals

We've earned a reputation as one of the most innovative and trusted EPC solar organizations in the industry, for both customers and our sales teams. Central to our approach is a simple commitment: we won't stand in your way, and in fact we'll give you the specialized support and tools you need to earn to your full capabilities and build your business.

How do sales pros benefit from our winning approach? Here's a closer look at how you can boost your sales business in 2023 by partnering with Palmetto.

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle with Palmetto's Platform

Would your current sales process benefit from end-to-end automation, streamlining, and optimization? That might sound like a fairy tale, however Palmetto's innovative platform includes tools that impact every phase, from start to finish:

Automate lead targeting. MIT-licensed algorithms and geospatial targeting are powerful lead engines that can assess and segment the marketplace, while quickly progressing leads down your sales funnel and evolving them into prospects. What can you do with new high-value leads in your pipeline every day?

Engage prospects efficiently. We've designed our platform to help you more easily begin the clean energy conversation with your prospects. With grid readiness and customer campaigns at the ready, they'll be more eager and open to discuss solar solutions that resolve their energy challenges.

Customize system designs & quotes. Building a solar sales presentation that is relevant and compelling used to be difficult—now with Palmetto, it's easier and better. Data visualization and CAD tools allow you to fully customize presentations, for maximum sales impact. Accurate quotes with interactive features give prospects the information they need to make a decision.

Explore multiple financing options. At Palmetto, we're partnered with a variety of the nation's largest lenders. That means more flexibility for customers to find the financing solutions that are ideal for their needs. More choices also drives down costs,  so customers can receive optimal value for their clean energy investment. 

And now, there's even more good news and good times for our teams: we're debuting our Palmetto Finance Energy Plan, which will allow them to sell even more solar. Palmetto Finance is a third-party ownership (TPO) plan that benefits both our customers AND sales reps:

Close sales faster. Nothing else can suppress your ability to earn like long sales cycles. Palmetto specializes in helping you make crossing the finish line faster, with tools that streamline the process and keep your pipeline moving. You're supported to earn faster and grow your business.

Enjoy faster order fulfillment. Palmetto is in the news. Our solutions for top-to-bottom process automation, improved workflows, and rapid turnaround times cut our average installation time by 37 days. What's that mean to our sales partners? Not only are happier customers a generous source for leads and referrals, it also means you get paid faster—we're proud to be recognized as one of the fastest paying EPC solar organizations in the industry!

Continuously track operations. Palmetto's platform provides a 360-degree view of your operations, which allows you to dynamically make adjustments that drive improvement. Leads, prospects, customers, referrals—everything organized and at your fingertips. This is what support engineered to grow your business looks like.

Build Your Business with a Payment Structure that Supports Growth

Another major benefit of partnering with Palmetto is a payment structure that's geared to help you grow your career. We want to keep you excited, satisfied, and on target for your business goals. We've innovated a payment structure that really pays off, here's how:

1. Our payment structure is transparent. We've seen a lot of frustration from sales teams in the solar industry, based on commission structures that are complex, arbitrary, and inconsistent. That's no way to motivate sales pros!

At Palmetto, getting paid what you're owed is simple and fast.

That's it! We make sure it's not brain surgery to figure out how your hard work translates into earnings—that allows you to enjoy certainty and cash flow stability.

2. We're reliable & consistent. When you know where you stand in your business and how you're going to be paid, you can focus on the actual job of selling. Ups-and-downs are part of the job, but with Palmetto you enjoy predictability and satisfaction that make it easier to  stay on target and consistently earn to your full potential.

You've probably heard (or experienced) horror stories at other EPC organizations. A lot of them use their payment structure to shape how their sales teams do their jobs, with commissions based on sales by product grouping or system size. We don't do that: artificial constraints might not be aligned with your customers' needs, and we want to do what we can to keep your customers happy.

Bottom line: You're the sales expert, we want you to perform like one. Every win for you is a win for us!

3. We send your payments FAST! You get your first payment on contract signing—that's pretty fast. Now, remember how we've innovated process solutions that speed up the average install time by 37 days? That means you get the remainder of your payment an average of 37 days faster also. We're committed to ensuring you get the money you've earned as quickly as possible.

And there's another benefit to those ultra-fast install times: improved customer satisfaction. Customers who've had a great experience are a valuable source for leads and referrals. In fact, Palmetto customers are 37% more likely to refer friends or family, and 5% less likely to change or cancel orders. We love to keep your pipeline filled with more sales opportunities!

What It Looks Like to Grow Your Business with Palmetto

We've talked to a lot of sales pros and when we ask, “What do you need from us to help develop your career and grow your business?” The answer is consistent: “Just let me focus on sales.”

At Palmetto, we understand that our platform provides best value when it lets you do what you do best: sell to customers. That's why we've engineered it to automate tedious back office jobs, streamline workflows, and let you focus on the mission-critical sales functions that translate into business growth.

Here are the ways Palmetto provides a framework that helps your business thrive:

Access to one of the nation's largest solar networks. Palmetto is growing. We're continuously reaching more markets with our national fulfillment network and customers are noticing: CNET included Palmetto in their Best Solar Companies of 2023 list and singled us out for their “Best Solar Company for Customer Service” award. More exposure in more markets opens up new opportunities to sell.

Comprehensive marketing tools & resources. Palmetto's platform is a value-multiplier for your sales business. Everything you need to make an impact is at your fingertips, from collaboration and communication tools to data analysis and management, and added sales resources. More leads and better ways to manage them make your sales journey easier and better.

Training & consulting services. We've assembled a team of proven solar sales experts who are available to provide 1:1 support for clean energy sales knowledge, tips, strategies, and insights. We've also built a library of exclusive sales resources to help you sharpen your skills and build your business:

  • “Shorten Your Sales Cycle in 2023: The Smart Solar Rep's Handbook”
  • “Understand Your Weekly Earnings Potential with Palmetto's Solar Sales Commission Calculator”
  • “Maximize Your Solar Sales Potential with Palmetto's Energy Intelligence Platform”
  • “Accelerate Your Earnings with Palmetto's Optimized Payment Structure for Commissions”
  • “Smoothing the Sales Journey: How Palmetto Helps You Sell More Solar Panels with Fewer Hassles”

Customization options. It's your team, it's your business, so we let you build it your way. Robust customization options and modular design allow you to fine tune our platform and processes to deliver exactly the support and capabilities you're looking for, including for marketing, operations, and data. More flexibility enhances your ability to succeed.

You Deserve the Career that You've Worked Hard For, Palmetto Is Here to Make It Happen

At Palmetto, we're passionate about solar power: we want to make clean, sustainable, and affordable energy available to everyone. We understand that partnering with talented and committed salespeople makes for a winning team capable of delivering end-to-end clean energy solutions.

Our partnership is precisely tailored to deliver a superior experience for sales pros like you:

  • Streamlined sales process that makes sales cycles easier & faster
  • Robust management tools that simplify your day-to-day, remove pipeline bottlenecks & allow you to boost your income potential
  • Top-to-bottom support that automates busywork, optimizes workflows & lets you focus on growing your business

If you've set high goals for your sales career, it's time to work with a partner that can help you achieve them—it's time to partner with Palmetto! Visit our Palmetto Sales Partner page to learn more.

Contact us to ask questions or explore career opportunities at Palmetto. Our Sales Partner Team can show you around our platform and demonstrate how its innovative features can support your ability to manage and grow your sales career.

Plug your business into our platform and discover solutions at every stage of the solar process. Don't miss this opportunity to join one the nation's best EPC solar organizations—let's work together to build something wonderful!

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